Yeh Hai Chahatein | YHC 5th November 2022 Written Update: Preesha-Pihu gets kidnapped; Rudra is in a dilemma


Yeh Hai Chahatein 5th November 2022 Written Update: Preesha-Pihu gets kidnapped; Rudra is in a dilemma


StarPlus popular serial Yeh Hai Chahatein (YHC) is gearing up for some intense drama and exciting twists in the upcoming story.

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So far we have seen that Rudra wonders why Preesha got married to Armaan.

Just then Rudra and Preesha hear Saaransh's scream and rush towards him. They both ask Saaransh why he screamed and he informs them that Ruhi got locked inside the storeroom.

Rudra forcefully opens the storeroom door and both Rudra and Preesha go inside to search for Ruhi. Just then Saaransh locks the storeroom door from the outside.

Then both Ruhi and Saaransh who are outside the storeroom ask Rudra-Preesha to sort out their differences, only after that they will open the door.

Both Rudra and Preesha are stuck in the storeroom when Rudra finds that Preesha is jealous of him getting married to Pihu.

On the other side, Pihu along with Digvijay and Armaan search for both Rudra-Preesha and then they decide to file a missing complaint with the police.

Seeing this Saaransh gets stressed and goes near the storeroom to check if both Rudra-Preesha has sorted out their differences or not.

Just at that time, Pihu who followed Saaransh comes to know that he has locked both Rudra and Preesha in the storeroom and stops Digvijay from calling the police and filing the missing complaint.

Preesha-Pihu gets kidnapped:-

In the upcoming episode, we would see that someone kidnaps both Preesha and Pihu and demands ransom from Rudra.

Rudra goes with the money to free them, when the kidnapper tells Rudra that, since he has brought only Rs. 1 crore, he will release either Preesha or Pihu, and asks him to decide whom he wants to be released.

It would be interesting to know whom Rudra chooses to get released, or if Rudra is able to save both of them.

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