Yeh Hai Chahatein | YHC 3rd November 2022 Written Update: Pihu gets life threat; Rudra stunned by Saaransh's act


Yeh Hai Chahatein 3rd November 2022 Written Update: Pihu gets life threat; Rudra stunned by Saaransh's act


In today's episode, we see Saaransh console Ruhi and say that he also wants Rudra and Preesha to be together. Then Ruhi asks Saaranash if there is a way they could stop this marriage.

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On the other hand, Rudra tells Pihu that they both will stay in his room but Pihu asks Rudra to return the room to Preesha, while Rudra remains adamant about not returning the room to Preesha.

Later, Pihu receives a parcel and gets scared after seeing an injured bride doll and throws it away, Rudra also sees that doll and gets shocked.

Rudra quickly goes out to catch the delivery guy and sees that the delivery guy talking to Preesha.

Rudra questions the delivery guy as to who told him to deliver this parcel. The delivery guy tells him that he is working for a company and he doesn’t know anything about the parcel and then leaves.

Rudra contacts the courier company and learns that the delivery guy doesn’t work for that company and their company did not send any parcel.

Then Rudra questions Preesha as to what she was talking about with the delivery guy. Preesha tells him that she just saw that guy leaving.

In the meanwhile, a scared Pihu is seen crying and Rudra tries to console her.

Seeing this Ruhi asks Saaransh if he is behind this parcel incident, but Saaransh denies of doing anything like that.

Then Pihu shows Rudra the letter that she found in the parcel that states that Pihu will become like this doll if she marries Rudra.

After reading the letter, Rudra suspects Armaan, but Pihu reminds him about Armaan's current mental condition.

Just then Raj enters the Khurana Mansion and seeing him, Pihu doubts that Raj could be behind this and informs Rudra that she had rejected Raj for Vidyut, so he could be the person behind this.

At this, Rudra questions Raj, while Raj is happy to see Rudra alive but Rudra blames him for threatening Pihu.

Raj gets shocked to learn that Pihu is marrying Rudra and then says that he is not angry at Pihu for rejecting him. He says that he moved on in his life and cannot dream to hurt her.

Later, Rudra meets Preesha and gives her a neck massage and questions her if she was behind the parcel incident.

This makes Preesha angry at Rudra, she scolds him for doubting her and then she leaves.

The next day, Sharda gives a list of goods to the servant that they would need for Rudra-Pihu's marriage and tells him to buy it on credit and that she will pay for the same later.

Seeing that Sharda does not have any money right now, Pihu tells Preesha about the same, while Preesha stands stunned.

Episode Ends!

Yeh Hai Chahatein Upcoming Episode:-

In the upcoming episode, Saaransh warns Rudra that he is against his marriage to Pihu.

On the other side, Sharda sees Preesha giving money to the servant and then blames her, but Preesha denies giving money for the bouquet that had a scorpion in it.

While Rudra also questions Preesha as to why she gave money to the servant.

Later, Ruhi asks Saaransh if he had sent the bouquet that had a scorpion in it and then she gets shocked to see Rudra standing right behind Saaransh, while Rudrak is shocked to know this.

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