Yeh Hai Chahatein | YHC 2nd November 2022 Written Update: Pihu's plan to separate Rudra-Preesha


Yeh Hai Chahatein 2nd November 2022 Written Update: Pihu's plan to separate Rudra-Preesha


In today's episode, we saw that Ruhi gets angry after seeing Preesha talking with Rudra and asks Rudra to not talk with Preesha and also to stay away from her.

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Rudra gets stunned to see Ruhi's behaviour against Preesha and questions her how can she talk with her mother like that.

Ruhi replies that she is not her mother anymore and nor his wife, as she is now married to Armaan. Then Ruhi takes Rudra along with her from there.

Pihu who was behind this plan to stop the conversation between Rudra-Preesha sees this from afar and becomes happy and then plans to do something else to get both of them separated.

The next day, we see Preesha feeding food to Armaan and Rudra sees that and does not like it. Just then Pihu comes there and shows Rudra their engagement ring and then hugs him in front of Preesha.

Seeing Pihu hugging Rudra, she becomes jealous; while Rudra questions Pihu why she did this. So, Pihu replies that he wanted to make Preesha jealous and hence she did this.

Rudra is still wondering why Preesha is still with Armaan when Armaan is not normal anymore.

At this Pihu informs Rudra about how Preesha with the help of Digvijay made duplicate property papers and now Preesha has the power of attorney and Armaan's properties are under Preesha's control.

Later, Rudra asks Sharda to fix his and Pihu's marriage date, while Sharda says that she will speak with Panditji and confirm the dates.

After some time, Rudra enters his bedroom with his luggage and orders Preesha to leave his room, but Preesha gets adamant about not leaving the room.

Both Rudra and Preesha get into a heated argument and Rudra tells Preesha that he won't let Preesha stay in their bedroom with Armaan.

But Preesha reminds Rudra that now she is the owner of this house and she won't leave this room and forcefully gets Rudra out of the room.

Later, when Preesha comes to her room again, she gets shocked to see her pictures have been replaced with Rudra-Pihu's pictures and she gets angry.

Preesha shouts and asks who has made these changes in her room. Just then Rudra comes there and tells her that he has made these changes.

Preesha could not believe Rudra has done something like this and just then Armaan also comes there and hides behind Preesha, while Preesha decides to leave that room along with Armaan.

Then Rudra informs Sharda that he got investors who are ready to invest again and after he gets the money, he will buy this house again.

At this Sharda informs Rudra that she spoke with Panditji and got his marriage date which is after 10 days.

Hearing this Ruhi starts to cry and Saaransh tries to console her and asks her the reason why she is crying. Ruhi tells him that, she does not want Rudra-Preesha to get separated.

Ruhi also says that now she hates Preesha after she married Armaan.

Episode Ends!

Yeh Hai Chahatein Upcoming Episode:-

In the upcoming episode, we see Pihu receives a parcel and after opening the parcel she throws it away after getting frightened. Rudra picks up the doll and a letter written with blood.

It seems like Vidyut is also alive and he must have sent this parcel to Pihu thinking that she forgot him and is getting married to Rudra.

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