Rajjo 2nd November 2022 Written Update: Rajjo's plans to expose Urvashi; Madhu comes to Urvashi's rescue


Rajjo 2nd November 2022 Written Update: Rajjo's plans to expose Urvashi; Madhu comes to Urvashi's rescue


At the start of today's episode, we see Arjun looking at Rajjo and deciding that he won't change his opinion for anyone.

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Arjun cares for Rajjo, seeing this Urvashi fumes in anger

In the meanwhile, Swara gives a lunch box to Rajjo to take along with her to the hospital and says that this lunch box is for her Kaka.

Swara informs Rajjo that Arjun has told her that her mother is in the hospital and she need not worry, as she would get well soon.

Getting such a lovely gesture from Swara, Rajjo becomes emotional and hugs her and then Rajjo hides the lunch box from the Thakur family and decides to go to the hospital.

On the other side, the moneylenders are about to leave when they meet the Thakur family members and Arjun requests them to let him help them put their suitcase in the car.

But one of the moneylenders gets frightened and refuses to take the help and seeing this Rajjo gets suspicious of him after seeing how tightly the moneylender is holding the suitcase.

Then Kalindi informs Rajjo that she saw Urvashi with their family gold Kalash and now she cannot find that Kalash anymore.

At this Rajjo says that she saw Urvashi was about to give that Kalash to the moneylenders, but after she bumped into her while saving Arjun, the Kalash fell on the floor.

Then both Rajjo and Kalindi doubt Urvashi and her fake uncles of stealing the Kalash; while Rajjo comes up with a plan to expose them.

After a while, the moneylenders walk towards their car and just then Rajjo throws a ball towards them and sends Sheru (dog) to catch it.

Sheru runs towards the ball and jumps onto it and seeing this both the moneylenders get scared and drop the suitcase.

Arjun tries to help them by picking up the suitcase and while doing so the suitcase gets opened and the gold Kalash falls from it.

Seeing this entire Thakur family stands stunned. While Rajjo smiles thinking that now Urvashi and her fake uncles will be exposed.

Then both Arjun and Madhu question Urvashi about her uncle stealing the Kalash. But clever Urvashi sheds crocodile tears and lies that she doesn’t know why they would do that.

At this Rajjo says that Urvashi is lying, as she saw Urvashi taking the Kalash from the terrace and asks how it reached her uncle’s bag from her hands.

But Urvashi puts the entire blame on Rajjo for stealing the Kalash and putting it in her uncle’s suitcase to frame them.

Urvashi further says that Rajjo wants to throw her out of the house, so she’s framing her uncle.

Then Urvashi starts her act and asks Rajjo who she is to interfere in their family matters and threatens to leave the house if Madhu doesn’t stop Rajjo.

Hearing this Madhu gets tensed and asks Rajjo to shut up. She tells Arjun that Urvashi is innocent, and that's why Urvashi is asking to get her uncle arrested for her misdeed.

Then Chirag sends the moneylenders away, while Madhu assures Urvashi that no one will blame her as she is the soon-to-be daughter-in-law of the Thakur family.

Episode Ends!

Rajjo Upcoming Episode New Promo:-

In the upcoming episode, Arjun angrily punches the punching bag and says that he won’t let Rajjo win the race, while Rajjo stops him.

Then Arjun says that he doesn’t want to talk to double-faced people.

In the end, Urvashi and Arjun tell Rajjo that they will win the race and that Rajjo's plans will not work.

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