Rajjo 15th November 2022 Written Update: Urvashi gets kidnapped; everyone suspects Rajjo


Rajjo 15th November 2022 Written Update: Urvashi gets kidnapped; everyone suspects Rajjo


StarPlus popular serial Rajjo is gearing up for some intense drama and exciting twists in the upcoming story.

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Urvashi gets shot by the kidnappers

So far we have seen that Rajjo suspects Kalindi after she sees tempering with Arjun's medicines, while Kalindi plans to get rid of Urvashi and thus discusses the plan with Rocky.

On the other side, a moneylender meets Urvashi at the hospital and threatens her with dire consequences if she did not return their money.

At this Urvashi promises to return their money by taking help from influential people like Pushkar Chaudhary.

Just at that time Pushkar overhears Urvashi's conversation with the moneylender and plans to do something about Urvashi so that he is not exposed by her.

Then we see Rajjo praying to GOD for Arjun's well-being and just at that time Arjun appears in front of her in perfect condition and he scolds her. But soon Rajjo realizes that she was just dreaming.

After some time Rajjo gets a phone call from the coach and he questions her for not grabbing the opportunity to showcase her talent by taking part in the racing competition.

Rajjo replies that she had to take care of the person who had helped her in finding her mother, as that person is hospitalized and hence, she was unable to come for the race.

Hearing this, the coach offers Rajjo a job as a sports teacher who would be his assistant as well. Rajjo becomes happy to get this offer and accepts the job offer.

Then Rajjo sees Urvashi going out of the hospital while taking over the phone and she also goes after her.

Urvashi gets kidnapped:

While Urvashi is seen taunting her parents as greedy, as they always take loans but never repay the same and she gets in trouble coz of them.

In the meanwhile, we see Rajjo following Urvashi but just then an ambulance stops in front of her and she is unable to find Urvashi after the ambulance leaves from there.

Rajjo is in disbelief, how come Urvashi got vanished, but in actuality, Urvashi got kidnapped and taken away in that ambulance.

In the hospital, Urvashi's parents inform Arjun and his family that Urvashi has been kidnapped and they also show a video of Urvashi asking for help, as the kidnappers are demanding Rs. 1 Crore to release her.

Then Urvashi's parents tell Arjun and the Thakur family that, it was Rajjo who saw Urvashi for the last time.

At this Arjun questions Rajjo about Urvashi, but Rajjo denies the same.

Then the police ask Rajjo why she was following Urvashi, at this Rajjo goes quiet, as she is unable, to tell the truth about Urvashi, since no one would believe her.

It would be interesting to see if Urvashi gets exposed or if Rajjo falls into Urvashi's trap.

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