Rajjo 12th November 2022 Written Update: Manorama is to be thrown out of the hospital


Rajjo 12th November 2022 Written Update: Manorama is to be thrown out of the hospital


StarPlus popular serial Rajjo is gearing up for some intense drama and exciting twists in the upcoming story.

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So far we have seen that Arjun is still in the hospital and seeing his condition, Rajjo complains to GOD about why all the people close to her have to suffer.

Then Rajjo prays to GOD for the speedy recovery of Arjun.

In the meanwhile, the doctor is able to treat Arjun well and inform his family that Arjun is now out of danger. Hearing this all the family members take a sigh of relief.

Then Pushkar tries to instigate the Thakur family and says that they all have to do something about Manorama and Rajjo both.

On the other side, Chirag is seen sitting and trembling after thinking about the well-being of Arjun, just then Rajjo comes to him and informs him that Arjun is stable now.

Then Rajjo asks Chirag why he is blaming himself for Arjun's condition.

At this time, Chirag reveals to Rajjo that, a few years ago he and Arjun both were returning from a party on a bike and he was drunk and still he was riding the bike.

Then suddenly they got hit by a truck and met with a severe accident.

Due to this accident, Chirag lost his kidneys and Arjun had given him his one kidney to save Chirag's life; hence, Arjun has to take medicines every day to survive.

Knowing this, Rajjo becomes emotional and blames herself for putting Arjun in this situation by challenging him for the race, which took a toll on his body and now he has been admitted into the hospital.

Rajjo in a dicey situation:

Rajjo then decides to look after Arjun until he recovers completely, but just at that time she receives a call from her Kaka.

Kaka informs Rajjo that if the money is not deposited on time, the doctors will throw Manorama out of the hospital.

Hearing this Rajjo finds herself in a dicey situation, whether to be with Arjun or to be with her mother.

Later we see that Chirag offers Rajjo to drink coffee, while Rajjo secretly looks at Arjun's room.

Then Urvashi offers to stay at night in the hospital, so all other family members decide to leave.

In the end, Rajjo seeing Urvashi sleeping outside Arjun's room grabs this opportunity and goes inside Arjun's room to check on him.

It would be interesting to see how Rajjo is able to manage her duties towards both Manorama and Arjun.

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