Rajjo 11th November 2022 Written Update: Rajjo wins the race; Arjun gets admitted into the hospital


Rajjo 11th November 2022 Written Update: Rajjo wins the race; Arjun gets admitted into the hospital


StarPlus popular serial Rajjo is gearing up for some intense drama and exciting twists in the upcoming story.

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So far we have seen that both Rajjo and Arjun are prepared to give their best in the Diwali racing competition.

Where the entire Thakur family is supporting Arjun; Chirag and Sia are supporting Rajjo. Seeing this Urvashi takes Chirag aside to speak with him.

Urvashi asks Chirag about the reason for supporting Rajjo instead of supporting Arjun.

Chirag replies that he and Arjun both know that, this time Arjun is wrong. Chirag says that Arjun is having ego issues this time and one cannot win in any sport who has an ego.

In the meanwhile, Kalindi sees Urvashi talking with Chirag and gets stunned, thinking that Urvashi would expose her truth to Chirag.

Then the race starts and the entire Thakur family excluding Chirag and Sia cheer for Arjun.

While running, both Arjun and Rajjo reach a sandy terrain and Rajjo is seen in pain after the sand gets into her eyes seeing this Arjun becomes emotional.

But soon realizes that he cannot fall for Rajjo and should concentrate on winning the race.

The race is about to get completed and Arjun is ahead of Rajjo, and seeing this the Thakur family is very happy and cheers loudly for Arjun.

But just at that time, Rajjo increases her speed and overtakes Arjun and touches the finishing ribbon before Arjun.

Seeing Rajjo win, the entire Thakur family stands stunned and disappointed, while Chirag and Sia congratulate Rajjo for winning the race and then they all dance with happiness.

Arjun gets admitted into the hospital:

Then Rajjo taunts Arjun that, Rajjo Manorama Dhaki has beaten Arjun Singh Thakur in the race. Just then Arjun starts to feel dizzy and falls unconscious in Rajjo's arms.

Seeing Arjun's condition, the Thakur family members get worried and quickly carry him inside the car; while Rajjo tries to get a glimpse of Arjun, but fails.

Then Urvashi pushes Rajjo away from the car and they all leave for the hospital with Arjun, while Rajjo runs behind the car to reach the hospital.

At the hospital, Rajjo gets to know from Kalindi about the room in which Arjun has been kept, she goes there to see him, but both Madhu and Urvashi stop Rajjo from going inside the room.

Then Rajjo hides inside a trolley which is being carried by a nurse inside Arjun's room. She reaches the room and after seeing Arjun's condition, Rajjo feels heartbroken.

It would be interesting to know the reason behind Arjun's condition.

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