Rajjo 10th November 2022 Written Update: Arjun helps Rajjo in the race


Rajjo 10th November 2022 Written Update: Arjun helps Rajjo in the race


StarPlus popular serial Rajjo is gearing up for some intense drama and exciting twists in the upcoming story.

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So far we have seen that both Arjun and Rajjo are done with their final preparations for the race.

Both Arjun and Rajjo reach the race field. We see that the entire Thakur family cheers for Arjun; while Chirag and Sia support Rajjo.

Seeing Rajjo preparing to run barefoot, Urvashi says that she cannot run without shoes as this is against the rules.

At this Arjun tries to support Rajjo, but his family members agree with Urvashi.

So, Chirag comes to Rajjo's recuse and tells her that, he will help her in getting new shoes, but just at that time, Madhu stops Chirag from helping Rajjo.

Seeing the situation getting out of hand, Rajjo decides to manage the shoes on her own. She goes to the hospital to get her mother's shoes.

Manorama's shoes are bigger in size for Rajjo, but Rajjo somehow manages to wear those shoes, as she does not have any other option and then reaches the race field on time.

Seeing Rajjo in such bigger shoes, everyone mocks her and tells her that such shoes are not allowed in the race, while Rajjo gets sad.

Arjun comes to Rajjo's recuse:

Just then a delivery guy comes there and hands over brand-new shoes to Rajjo.

Seeing those new shoes Rajjo becomes happy and thinks that Chirag might have helped her in getting the new shoes.

While Chirag understands that Arjun is the one to help Rajjo in getting the new shoes.

Then Chirag tells Arjun that he managed to get new shoes for Rajjo so quickly, at this Arjun replies that, he believes in fair competition.

In the end, both Arjun and Rajjo take their positions to start their race.

It would be interesting to see who wins the Diwali race. We are expecting that Rajjo will win the race, but you never know if there is any twist in the upcoming story.

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