Rajjo 18th November 2022 Written Update: Rajjo gets scolded by Arjun-Chirag


Rajjo 18th November 2022 Written Update: Rajjo gets scolded by Arjun-Chirag


StarPlus popular serial Rajjo is gearing up for some intense drama and exciting twists in the upcoming story.

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Vicky had kidnapped Urvashi; Vicky alleges Rajjo is the mastermind

So far we have seen that Arjun, Chirag and Rajjo are watching the second video of Urvashi, where she pleads to fulfil the kidnapper's demand and save her from their clutches.

They all hide, about the second video from the police and the police leave from there in search of the kidnappers.

At the Thakur house, all the family members seem to be stressed, while both Kalindi and Rocky look happy and believe that, no one would ever be able to find Urvashi.

Then as per Urvashi's parents' request, the Thakur family arrange for the money of ransom that is demanded by the kidnappers and they plan to hand it over to Arjun so that he can save Urvashi.

In the meanwhile, Arjun, Rajjo and Chirag also leave for the destination where the kidnappers have asked them to bring the money.

They along with the Thakur family reach that place and then everyone hides behind the tree afar, while Arjun alone goes to keep the money bag at the said location.

Rajjo puts her life in danger:

Later, the kidnappers come in a jeep and pick up the money bag. They do not release Urvashi and instead leave from there.

Seeing this Rajjo runs after the kidnapper's jeep to catch them and seeing her running, Arjun and Chirag also run after her.

Rajjo then jumps to catch the jeep, but falls badly on the road and hurts herself.

Seeing her injured, both Arjun and Chirag scold Rajjo, while Rajjo feels happy with the care Arjun shows towards her and then suddenly Rajjo falls unconscious on Arjun's shoulder.

But Madhu who is also there along with other family members does not like it at all and she fumes in anger.

Then Arjun picks Rajjo in her arms and takes her home and gives her first aid, while Rajjo again becomes happy to see Arjun taking care of her.

In the upcoming episode, we will see that the Police team along with Arjun, Rajjo and Chirag fight with the kidnappers and are able to get Urvashi released from their clutches.

Then after coming back to the Thakur house, Urvashi blames Rajjo for her kidnapping, while Arjun asks Rajjo to prove herself innocent.

It would be interesting to see how Rajjo is able to prove her innocence and also expose Urvashi and her parents.

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