Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein | GHKKPM 12th November 2022 Written Update: Virat sidelines Vinayak for Savi


Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 12th November 2022 Written Update: Virat sidelines Vinayak for Savi


StarPlus popular serial Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein (GHKKPM) is gearing up for some intense drama and exciting twists in the upcoming story.

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Virat threatens Sai to reveal the truth

So far we have seen that Virat wakes up after hearing Savi's cry and gets tensed to see Savi missing.

Virat searches for Savi everywhere in the house, but he is unable to find him. Virat thinks that Sai might have taken Savi and just then Savi comes there.

Virat gets happy to see Savi and asks her where she was, Savi replies that she had gone to the washroom.

Then Savi tells Virat that she wants to meet Sai, as she is missing her mother badly. Savi further says that Sai has never left her alone even though she might have been super busy.

Savi starts to cry for her mother, seeing this everyone gets emotional and tries to console Savi.

Then Virat sings a lullaby for Savi and takes her to the bedroom and makes her sleep. Just then Virat sees multiple missed calls from the Commissioner.

Virat quickly calls back and the commissioner scolds him for getting Sai arrested without filing any FIR and asks him to come to the police station.

Virat fumes in anger and decides to keep Sai away from Savi and then goes to the police station.

After reaching the police station, Sai asks about Savi's health and then scolds Virat for separating her from her daughter.

Both Virat and Sai get into a heated argument, just then the commissioner stops both of them from arguing and tells Virat that, since he has not filed an FIR against Sai, he will release her.

But just then Virat says that he has already filed a complaint against Sai and asks one of his subordinates to give him the complaint letter.

Then Virat requests the commissioner to let ex. husband and wife to handle this situation themselves and warns Sai to see her in court.

Sai gets stunned to know this, and the commissioner assures Sai to help her get bail via his lawyer and suggests she remain calm and take legal help to get her daughter back.

At the Chavan Niwas, Ashwini goes to wake up Vinayak, while Vinayak is taking his bath.

Ashwini sees Savi sleeping and gets emotional. She goes near Savi and admires her and says that she is her granddaughter.

In the meanwhile, Virat comes back home and Ninad confronts Virat for getting Sai arrested. Ninad warns Virat that, once Savi wakes up, she would ask for her mother and he won't be able to handle her.

Ninad tells Virat to sort this issue with Sai by talking to her instead of taking any legal action, which might bring trouble in his and Savi's relationship.

Since, if Savi gets to know that her mother has been sent to jail by Virat, then she will never trust him. But Virat remains adamant about his decision and goes to his room.

Virat forgets Vinayak for Savi:

The next day we see that Virat brings toys, school stuff, etc. for Savi and decorates her corner with every possible thing.

Just then Pakhi comes there with breakfast for Virat, but Virat ignores the breakfast and shares what he has brought for Savi.

Virat then requests Pakhi to cook different dishes including steamed Modhak, since Savi loves them the most.

Virat also shares his and Savi's entire day's outing plan with Pakhi. Hearing this Pakhi questions Virat if he has planned everything only for Savi and not for Vinayak.

It would be interesting to see what steps Sai takes to get back her daughter and also if Virat sidelines Vinayak for Savi.

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