Anupama 2nd November 2022 Written Update: Furious Barkha curses Pakhi-Adhik; Anupama gets worried for Pakhi


Anupama 2nd November 2022 Written Update: Furious Barkha curses Pakhi-Adhik; Anupama gets worried for Pakhi


In today's episode, we saw Anuj and Anupama bring both Adhik and Pakhi to the Kapadia Mansion, while an angry Barkha is seen standing at the door.

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Adhik confesses the truth to Barkha

As soon as Barkha sees Adhik and Pakhi have married, she loses her patience and shouts at them and starts to break things in the house. Seeing Barkha's anger, Pakhi gets frightened and hides behind Anupama.

Seeing all this drama, Anuj asks Choti Anu to go to her room and asks Barkha not to create a scene outside their house. But Barkha is so furious, she vents out at Adhik for marrying Pakhi without informing her.

Barkha then warns Pakhi that her marriage with Adhik won't last even for 6 months and tells her that she has raised her brother and hence, she knows him well.

Barkha further tells Pakhi that, the way Adhik has broken her trust, he would break Pakhi's trust as well and her life would be hell at the Kapadia Mansion.

Hearing this both Adhik and Barkha get into a heated argument and then Barkha asks both Adhik and Pakhi to leave from there.

Then both Anuj and Anupama inform Barkha that they have taken Pakhi-Adhik's responsibility even though they are also upset with their deeds; however, they will now stay at the Kapadia Mansion.

After knowing this Barkha gets stunned and leaves from there, while Anuj welcomes both Adhik and Pakhi into the Kapadia Mansion, but Anupama gets perplexed to see Anuj welcoming them.

Then Pakhi-Adhik takes blessings from Anuj, Anupama and Ankush, but Barkha refuses to give them blessings and instead she curses them that their marriage will not last even for 6 months.

At this, Anuj asks Adhik to take Pakhi to his room and also tells both of them that, Barkha has challenged them about their relationship, so now they have to prove her wrong.

Anuj then tells both Pakhi and Adhik that they both have to win the trust of their families. While Anupama prays to God for Pakhi-Adhik's happy married life.

On the other side, Barkha is seen crying and regrets loving Adhik more than her own daughter Sara and she also feels betrayed by Adhik.

Later, Anupama overloads both Pakhi and Adhik with her lecture on marriage and the problems they would face and how to cross the hurdles in their marriage with honesty.

In the end, Anupama reminds Pakhi and Adhik not to let them down as Anuj alone has taken their responsibilities. At this both Adhik and Pakhi assure her that they won't let them down.

Episode Ends!

Anupama Upcoming Episode New Promo:-

In the upcoming episode, Anupama worries, that Pakhi’s wedding will fail. While on the other side, Barkha tells Ankush that Adhik will use and throw Pakhi.

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