Anupama 11th November 2022 Written Update: Devika shuts Barkha's demanding mouth


Anupama 11th November 2022 Written Update: Devika shuts Barkha's demanding mouth


StarPlus popular serial Anupama is gearing up for some intense drama and exciting twists in the upcoming story.

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So far we have seen that Pakhi is not at all happy with the simple wedding outfit given by Anupama. 

Pakhi tries to emotionally blackmail all the family members but Anupama shuts her up and then they all leave to go to the Shah house.

Before the Kapadia family along with Pakhi and Adhik reach the Shah house, as they are visiting a temple before going to the Shah house, Barkha uses this opportunity to safeguard her future.

Barkha reaches the Shah house and apologizes to Leela for her behaviour in the past, hearing this Leela could not believe her ears.

Just then the Kapadia family along with Pakhi-Adhik reach the Shah house and gets stunned to see Barkha there.

Seeing Barkha there, Anupama questions Barkha why she did not come along with them when she was willing to visit the Shah house.

But clever Barkha says that she realized her mistake after they had left.

Then Barkha shows her real motive for coming to the Shah house, she tries to manipulate Pakhi that she will fulfil all her dreams of a grand wedding, even if no one from her family agrees to it.

Barkha shows Pakhi a lehenga of Rs. 20 Lakhs and then a wedding setup of Rs. 40 - 50 Lakhs. Seeing this, greedy Pakhi as usual becomes super excited.

While all the Shah and the Kapadia family members get stunned.

Devika spoils Barkha's plan:

The Shah family and Anupama do not agree to spend so much for her wedding, but Pakhi remains adamant and Barkha keeps on supporting Pakhi.

Just then Devika arrives at the Shah house and shuts Barkha and shows the similarly designed wedding setup which would cost them Rs. 4 Lakhs only.

Seeing this Pakhi agrees to it and all the other family members also become happy.

But Barkha's real motive of looting extra money in the name of a grand wedding goes for a toss and she becomes unhappy with Devika for spoiling her evil plan.

Later, Anupama, Anuj, Adhik, and Barkha leave for the Kapadia Mansion.

In the meanwhile, Pakhi sees a sad Vanraj sitting alone, she goes towards him to talk to him, but Vanraj quickly leaves from there which leaves Pakhi heartbroken.

At the Kapadia Mansion, Anupama and Anuj question Barkha for planning such an expensive wedding, but Barkha tries to justify her plan saying that it's Pakhi's dream and this can be fulfilled only once.

At this Ankush asks Barkha, how come suddenly she is so bothered about Pakhi, a couple of days ago she was not even ready to accept Pakhi as her daughter-in-law.

Back at the Shah house, all the family members except Vanraj are seen practising for Pakhi's sangeet ceremony.

And Pakhi gets happy to see this but suddenly becomes sad after remembering that her father is not part of this.

Later, Kavya goes to Vanraj and tries to convince him to join the wedding ceremony and its preparations, but Vanraj remains silent and does not respond, seeing this Kavya leaves from there.

While Pakhi who is listening to their conversation from outside gets sad.

It would be really interesting to see if Barkha's real plan would be successful or if Anupama will teach Pakhi a lesson for her unwanted demands.

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