Anupama 10th November 2022 Written Update: Anupama tells Anuj to oust Pakhi and Adhik from the Kapadia House


Anupama 10th November 2022 Written Update: Anupama tells Anuj to oust Pakhi and Adhik from the Kapadia House


StarPlus popular serial Anupama is gearing up for some intense drama and exciting twists in the upcoming story.

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So far we have seen that Kavya tries to convince Vanraj to be part of Pakhi's wedding ceremony and also informs him that until Pakhi's wedding, Pakhi will stay in the Shah house.

Hearing this Vanraj again gets annoyed and threatens to leave the house until the wedding is over.

At the Kapadia Mansion, Anuj informs Anupama about the catering, decoration, and other services for Pakhi-Adhik's wedding being hired.

At this Anupama tells Anuj that, she is aware that he loves Pakhi like her own daughter, but one-day Pakhi's arrogance would lead to her downfall.

In the meanwhile, we see Adhik consoling Pakhi; while Pakhi blames Anupama and Leela for separating them until they are married again.

Seeing this opportunity to create differences between Pakhi and Anupama, Barkha comes there and gives her diamond-studded jewellery.

While Pakhi looks at the diamond-studded jewellery with greedy eyes and becomes happy.

The Barkha taunts them that she had kept it for Adhik's to-be wife, but since he is married to her now, she is giving it to her.

Barkha further tries to instigate Pakhi by saying that, she had dreamed of a grand wedding for his brother Adhik, but unfortunately, they are getting married at the Shah house.

A clever Adhik senses what Barkha is trying to do, so he quickly jumps into the conversation and says that they don't need a lavish wedding and they should not get depended on Anuj for everything.

But Barkha who is cleverer, replies that in future, when Choti Anu will get married, won't Anuj and Anupama plan a grand wedding for her, then why not for Pakhi?

On the other side, Anupama tells Anuj that, Pakhi should be punished for her wrong deeds and arrogance. 

At this Anuj replies that he knows that both Adhik and Pakhi have done wrong, but he still wants to do something for them.

So, Anupama tells Anuj that, if he wants to do something then he should oust both Pakhi and Adhik from the Kapadia Mansion; hearing this Anuj gets stunned.

Pakhi insults Anupama; demands for grand wedding:

Later, we see an arrogant Pakhi shouts at Anupama and taunts her that, when Anuj does not have any problem in spending for her grand wedding, then why she is stopping him, is she jealous?

Hearing this Anupama warns Pakhi not to misbehave with her, but Pakhi keeps on taunting and misbehaving with Anupama.

Pakhi further says that she is the to-be daughter-in-law of the Kapadia family and so she deserves a grand wedding.

This creates a heated argument between both Anupama and Pakhi, while Barkha who is seeing all this from afar gets happy.

It would be interesting to see if Pakhi's demand for a grand wedding is accepted or if Adhik and Pakhi get ousted from the Kapadia Mansion by Anupama.

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