Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai | YRKKH 24th October 2022 Written Update: Akshara learns about Arohi's marriage contract papers


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 24th October 2022 Written Update: Akshara learns about Arohi's marriage contract papers


At the start of today’s episode, Swarna tells to Akshara that she will go to the Goenka Mansion with Arohi for her tilak. She asks Akshara to decide whether she wants to be part of Arohi’s happiness or not.

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While Swarna asks Akshara to stay away from Arohi and Arohi taunts Akshara. She says Akshara tried to stop her wedding but failed.

Then Arohi asks Akshara to sulk at the side as she has to prepare for her tilak. At this Akshara says it is not about win or loss and then she decides to save Neil from Arohi.

At the Birla Mansion, Neil asks Abhimanyu what happened at the Goenka Mansion, but Abhimanyu replies to Neil that he needs to take his medicine.

Then Neil asks Abhimanyu to give him the good news and Abhimanyu insists Neil take medicine first, so Neil takes the medicine.

Abhimanyu then informs Neil about his tilak ceremony and hearing this Neil gets excited and hugs Abhimanyu.

Then Abhimanyu thinks Akshara loves Arohi a lot and wishes that Akshara is wrong about Arohi and Neil’s love wins.

Manjiri and Harsh see Abhimanyu and Neil. Harsh tells Manjiri that she is aware that Arohi is not a fit for Neil despite that she agreed.

Harsh further says that it is strange two unfit people are all set to tie knots while the fit ones are getting separated, while Manjiri wipes her tear.

On the other side, Manish shares with Suhasni that he is failing to handle his grandchildren, while Suhasini tries to boost Manish’s morale.

Suhasini then asks him to accept Arohi and Neil’s alliance. Akshara overhears Suhasini and Manish’s conversation and stands teary.

Back at the Birla Mansion, Mahima and Anand ask Manjiri about her sudden decision. Manjiri says sometimes they have to take spontaneous decisions for the sake of their children.

Then Mahima asks Manjiri how easily she forgot Anisha’s death. Manjiri replies if they will be stuck in the past then they will miss the future.

Harsh asks Mahima and Anand to be happy for Arohi and Neil’s alliance, but Anand gets irked.

Abhimanyu tells Manjiri that he is trying to balance everything. While Manjiri asks Abhimanyu to try and fix his relationship with Akshara as well.

Then we see Neil speaks with Arohi and says that on the last day he wanted to move out of the house.

Hearing this, Arohi asks Neil to promise her that he will never leave Birla hospital.

On the other side, Akshara meets Abhimanyu. She asks him why he never trusts her. Abhimanyu says this because she has never given her any reason to trust her, hearing this Akshara stands upset.

Later, Arohi decides to wear Naira’s dress and then decides to get it reformed but Akshara objects to Arohi’s decision.

Arohi takes the dress to the boutique, while Abhimanyu learns Arohi’s intention to reform Naira’s dress.

Abhimanyu carries away the dress and sends it back to Akshara, while Akshara gets smitten with Abhimanyu’s effort.

Then Arohi shows her tilak outfit to Swarna and Suhasini and both Swarna and Suhasini get happy to see her.

Arohi gets the marriage contract ready. The lawyer asks Arohi to take Neil’s signature, so Arohi decides to take Neil’s signature.

In the meanwhile, Akshara overhears Arohi’s conversation and looks for the marriage contract papers.

Episode Ends!

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