Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai | YRKKH 22nd October 2022 Written Update: Arohi pushes Neil to be rebellious which leads to Neil's accident


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 22nd October 2022 Written Update: Arohi pushes Neil to be rebellious which leads to Neil's accident


At the start of today's episode, Abhimanyu asks Neil to leave Parth, but Neil pushes Abhimanyu away, while Harsh worries for Abhimanyu.

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Arohi's plan gets successful, gets support from Abhimanyu, Manjiri and Swarna

Neil asks Abhimanyu to stay away as he will not be able to control it. Harsh asks Neil not to do a physical fight.

Neil further says Abhimanyu and Akshara do not understand his love. He says both are trying to prove Arohi wrong.

Neil asks Abhimanyu to accept that Arohi is changed and highlights that if Arohi would have not been a changed person then she should have boarded a flight to New York.

Abhimanyu says Arohi created a drama by disclosing the offer in front of all.

Neil refuses to listen to anything against Arohi. He asks Abhimanyu to accept his love else he will end up doing the unthinkable.

Neil claims since Abhimanyu fail in love thus he wants him also to fail in love. At this Abhimanyu tells Neil that being a brother he can’t let him spoil his life.

So Neil asks Abhimanyu to stop bothering him and let him grow without his support and leaves the place.

On the other side, Akshara tries to feed medicine to Manish, but Manish says he doesn’t need medicine. Akshara forces Manish to take medicine.

While Manish is against Arohi and Neil’s relationship, Swarna favours Arohi. She urges Manish to give a chance to Arohi and Neil.

Manish decides to close Neil’s chapter when Akshara discloses that Arohi is not in love with Neil, but Arohi interrupts Akshara.

At the Birla Mansion, Abhimanyu speaks with Shiv and says that he tried to make Neil understand but failed.

At the Goenka Mansion, Arohi claims that Akshara failed to handle her relationship but lectures. At this Akshara asks Arohi to stop commenting.

Arohi further claims that Akshara can’t see her becoming Birla’s daughter-in-law and then both Akshara and Arohi get into a heated argument. Seeing this Manish asks Akshara and Arohi to stop arguing.

Just then Arohi receives a call from Neil but she ignores it. Then Arohi sends a suicidal message to Neil and after reading that message Neil runs to save Arohi and meets with an accident.

Akshara rushes Neil to the hospital and asks Rohan to save Neil. Arohi thinks her family will not accept her relationship thus she needs to push Neil to become rebellious.

Akshara learns about Arohi’s suicidal message and runs to meet Arohi.

Then we see both Harsh and Abhimanyu worry about Neil, while Rohan asks Harsh not to worry as Neil was brought to the hospital at right time.

Harsh then asks Rohan who brought Neil to the hospital, while Abhimanyu takes Akshara’s name.

On the other side, Akshara meets Arohi and Akshara gets super angry at Arohi for listening to music.

Akshara exposes Arohi in front of Goenkas that she doesn’t love Neil, while Arohi and Goenkas stand stunned.

Later, Arohi meets Neil at the hospital. She then sends a message to Mahima and says post becoming Birla’s daughter-in-law, she will side with her always.

At the Birla Mansion, both Mahima and Anand disclose to Manjiri about Neil and Arohi’s relationship truth.

On the other side, Harsh speaks with Abhimanyu and praises Akshara and tries to make Abhimanyu understand that only she can bring luck to his life.

Episode Ends!

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In the upcoming episode, Abhimanyu and Manjiri visit the Goenka Mansion to fix Arohi and Neil’s alliance.

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