Yeh Hai Chahatein | YHC 28th October 2022 Written Update: Preesha hides the truth from everyone


Yeh Hai Chahatein 27th October 2022 Written Update: Preesha hides the truth from everyone and made Armaan's other trick successful



The episode begins with Sharda scolding Preesha for marrying Armaan after Rudraksh death. Preesha thinks that she can’t tell her why she married Armaan. 


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She recalls how she met Armaan in jail after Rudraksh death. Armaan asks her why she came to meet him. She tells him that Rudraksh is dead and she won't have any other hope than her child to live. 

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She asks him to return her child to her. He tells her that she has to do something for him. He asks her to marry him again and withdraw all the cases. She slaps him.

He tells her that she won’t get her child by slapping him. She tells him that he is the devil for sure. He asks her to think and take decisions. She tells him that she won’t marry him no matter what and leaves from there.

Later, Preesha hallucinates Rudraksh. She tells him about Armaan’s condition. Rudraksh asks her to marry Armaan for their child. After finding their child, he tells her to cut off all ties with Armaan.

She tells him that she needs him to give this kind of idea. She says that she can do anything for their child. The next day, Preesha meets Armaan and agrees to marry him.

Armaan asks her why she changed her decision suddenly. She tells him that a mother can do anything for her child. She tells him he must take her to her child after marriage.

She gives agreement papers to him. He tells her that she can’t tell anyone that she married him for her child. She nods at him. He signs the agreement papers. She thinks that he is playing a game but she will answer him at right time.

Raj tells Sharda that they don’t have any earnings now and they are finished financially. He says that they have to sell this house to pay the remaining debt.

Sharda tells him that she will talk to Preesha. Armaan and Preesha come there wearing marriage garlands. Kids come downstairs. Sharda asks Preesha what’s all this.

Preesha tells her that she married Armaan. She says that she did not have any other choice but to get rid of this poverty. She tells her that Armaan has a lot of money.

Sharda slaps her. She lashes out at her for marrying Armaan. She tells her to leave the house. She says that Preesha also died for her.

Ruhi asks Preesha why the latter married Armaan. She says that Preesha hurt her and Rudraksh by marrying Armaan. She tells her that she hates her and goes upstairs.

Later, everyone asks for money from Sharda. They suggest selling the house. Vidyut’s father comes there and pays all the debt and leaves from there.

Ruhi tells Sharda that Vidyut’s father forgot his phone. Sharda goes to return the phone to her brother. She sees her brother talking to Preesha. He reveals that Preesha gave that money.

Preesha tells Sharda that the latter can’t leave the house until she pays the debt. Sharda tells her that the latter is doing wrong.

Preesha comes to reality. She thinks that she can’t tell the truth to anyone until she finds her child. Saaransh tells her that today is her birthday too so they should celebrate it.

Sharda opposes it. She says that everything is ruined due to Preesha. She recalls how she divided the house into two portions. Preesha tells her that she won't have any problem with it.

She thinks that she is glad that Sharda is not leaving the house. Ruhi goes to Sharda’s side. Saaransh tells Preesha that he doesn’t care about any line.

Preesha asks him if he doesn’t hate her. He tells her that she must have some reason to do all this. She hugs him. Sharda comes to reality and she says that Preesha did wrong so wrong will happen with the latter.

Episode ends.


Yeh Hai Chahatein Upcoming Episode New Promo:-


In the upcoming episode, Pihu tells Preesha that she got her true love so she is coming to meet her tomorrow. Preesha asks her about her future husband.


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