Yeh Hai Chahatein | YHC 26th October 2022 Written Update: Vidyut gets death sentence; Pihu threatens Preesha to take revenge on her


Yeh Hai Chahatein 26th October 2022 Written Update: Vidyut gets death sentence; Pihu threatens Preesha to take revenge on her


At the start of today's episode, Vidyut tells Pihu that he doesn’t know why the mechanic lied. 


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He tells her that someone is framing him and requests her to trust him.

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Vidyut further says that already he is seeing hatred in Preesha’s eyes and if Pihu also doesn’t trust him then he won't be able to tolerate it.

But Pihu tells him that she is with him and she will help him. She asks him to not worry about anything, while the police take Vidyut from there.

In the meanwhile, Digvijay thinks that kids can’t understand this game and recalls how he went to the mechanic shop and learnt that Vidyut was telling the truth about Rudra's car, so he bribes Mechanic to lie.

The police questions the mechanic about Rudra's car and the mechanic lies to them.

Digvijay thinks that Vidyut can’t get out of jail, while Pihu asks Digvijay to do something for Vidyut, while Digvijay tells her that they will prove Vidyut’s innocence.

Meanwhile, Vidyut tells Sharda that he did not kill Rudra and asks her to believe him but Sharda slaps him and says that she thought he would not have killed Rudra but she was wrong.

Sharda then reminds him that what all Rudra did for him and asks him why he killed Rudra. But Vidyut pleads he is not guilty and tells her that someone framing him.

Sharda is in no mood to listen to him and tells him that he will be punished if he is the culprit and then she cries, while Preesha tries to console her.

Later, Preesha cries hugging Rudra's kurta and says that she is missing him so much and how to tell her heart that he is no more now.

Preesha also says that she can’t live without him so he has to return and then she hallucinates him again. She sees Rudra asking her to hug him instead of his kurta.

Rudra says that he is here only and makes her laugh (the title song plays in the background.)

Then Sharda sees Preesha laughing and talking alone, while Saaransh asks Sharda what Preesha doing.

At this Sharda tells Saaransh that Preesha talking alone. Then she goes to Preesha and tells her that Rudra is not there.

Preesha tells her that Rudra sitting with her, and then Saaransh also tells her that she is sitting alone.

Preesha notices that she is alone and goes to her room, while Sharda wonders how Preesha will live without Rudra.

The next day, the police inspector reaches Khurana's house with Pihu and Digvijay.

The police inspector tells Preesha that they are here to search Vidyut’s room to find proof, and then the police find a thing in Vidyut’s room.

In the court, Preesha’s lawyer tells Judge that police found RDX traces in Vidyut’s dress and then he submits it as proof. He says that Vidyut killed Rudra through planning and plotting.

The lawyer further says that Vidyut deserves punishment. While the Judge says that it has been proved that Vidyut killed Rudra so Vidyut will be hanged to death.

Hearing this Vidyut breaks down and says that he did not kill Rudra. While Preesha tells him that he got the correct punishment and leaves. At this Pihu tells Vidyut that she trusts him.

In the meanwhile, Digvijay recalls how he poured RDX powder on Vidyut’s dress. Then he tells them that Preesha is framing Vidyut, but Vidyut refuses to believe him.

Later, Preesha cries seeing Rudra's photo and tells him that she lost him permanently.

In jail, Digvijay tells Vidyut that he won’t let anything happen to him. Then he asks him to escape if he wants to stay alive and live with Pihu.

On the other hand, the Khurana family learns that Preesha is not in her room and went to the terrace, so they rush to the terrace.

They see Preesha is about to jump from the terrace but the Khurana family is able to stop her on time.

Then Sharda tells the kids to go downstairs and she asks Preesha if she did not think about her kids, as they have also lost their father.

Episode Ends!

Yeh Hai Chahatein Upcoming Episode New Promo:-

In the upcoming episode, the police inspector tells Preesha that Vidyut is dead. While Pihu threatens Preesha that she will take revenge on her for Vidyut’s death.

Then we see a short leap of three months, where Ruhi says that Preesha is not her mother.

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