Yeh Hai Chahatein | YHC 24th October 2022 Written Update: Preesha gets Vidyut arrested for killing Rudra, Armaan and Raj become happy


Yeh Hai Chahatein 24th October 2022 Written Update: Preesha gets Vidyut arrested for killing Rudra, Armaan and Raj become happy


At the start of today's episode, we see a Police inspector saying that Armaan is in jail and they froze his assets so it’s not possible for him to hire someone for the bomb blast.

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The inspector further says, that Armaan is not even allowed to talk to anyone in jail and he can’t use the phone, so he cannot plan anything.

While Preesha says that she just knows Armaan is behind all this. So the inspector tells her that he will try to find out if Armaan met anyone.

Then the inspector calls the jail authority officer and confirms that Armaan did not leave the jail. Preesha wonders if Armaan is innocent then who is behind this?

On the other hand, Digvijay congratulates Armaan and says that Armaan returned to jail two hours after killing Rudra.

Armaan tells him that he is tense that Police did not find Rudra's dead body yet.

Digvijay tells him that Rudra's chapter is closed because it’s impossible for him to survive after the bomb blast. Armaan tells him that his plan’s first part got completed.

At the Khurana Mansion, Preesha tells the Police inspector that one more person had a problem with Rudra.

Then Preesha blames Vidyut for killing Rudra. Hearing this a shocked Vidyut asks her what is she saying.

Sharda tells Preesha that she has misunderstood Vidyut. But Preesha tells her that she saw Vidyut fighting with Rudra, while Vidyut replies to her that he did not kill Rudra.

At this Preesha says that Vidyut gave his car to Rudra to kill him. Vidyut tells her that Rudra's car did not start and that’s why he gave his car to Rudra.

Vidyut even promises that he is innocent and even Sharda says that it’s not possible that Vidyut killed Rudra.

Preesha asks Vidyut where was he when the blast happened. Vidyut could not answer that he was with Pihu and remains silent. Seeing this Preesha tells him that he disappeared to execute his plan.

Meanwhile, in the jail, Armaan tells Digvijay that through Pihu only they can get to know what’s happening in the Khurana Mansion.

Back at the Khurana Mansion, Sharda asks Vidyut to say something. Then the police inspector asks Vidyut where was he during the bomb blast.

As Vidyut remains silent, Preesha asks the police inspector to arrest Vidyut. Then the Constable handcuffs Vidyut, while Vidyut pleads that he did not kill Rudra.

The Police take him from there, while Pihu tries to stop them and says that Vidyut is innocent.

At this Preesha tells her that Vidyut just knows to take revenge. So Pihu replies to her that Vidyut was with her when the blast happened.

Pihu does not hesitate to tell the truth and reveals that she slept with Vidyut and everyone gets shocked to hear this.

Hearing this Preesha gets angry and asks Pihu what nonsense is this. She asks her why she is lying to save Vidyut.

Then Raj tries to take advantage of this situation and tells Pihu that she need not lie to save Vidyut. But then Pihu reveals to Preesha that she loves Vidyut.

Pihu tells them everything and also says that even Rudra knew about them and then again says that Vidyut did not kill Rudra.

But Preesha says that she is supporting the person who killed Rudra. Then she says that she won’t forgive Pihu and Vidyut.

Preesha then tells the Police inspector that Vidyut doesn’t have any proof to prove his innocence and the Police take Vidyut from there.

Pihu tells Preesha that she will prove that Vidyut is innocent and leaves from there.

Episode Ends!

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In the upcoming episode, Digvijay informs Armaan about Vidyut’s arrest and the court gives the verdict.

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