Yeh Hai Chahatein | YHC 11th October 2022 Written Update: Armaan points a gun at Rudra


Yeh Hai Chahatein 11th October 2022 Written Update: Armaan points a gun at Rudra


At the start of today's episode, we see Vidyut asking Pihu why she did not accept Raj’s proposal.

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Pihu tells him that he doesn’t have any right to question her. She says that proposal is a big thing so she needs time to think.

Vidyut asks her if she likes someone else. He asks her if she has feelings for him.

Pihu asks him to stop talking nonsense and tells him that she doesn’t like him and leaves.

Pihu wonders why she hesitated to accept Raj’s proposal when she liked him. She recalls Vidyut’s confession and thinks that she can’t think about Vidyut.

Preesha asks her what happened, but Pihu lies to her that she is worried about her project.

Then Preesha asks her to help to trap Armaan and informs her about the doctor's conference and their plan. Pihu tells her that she will help her.

Later, Pihu and Preesha bring Armaan to the doctor's conference. Armaan asks Pihu why she brought him to her friend’s party.

Preesha tells him that he did not leave the house after his paralysis attack and he needs a change. While Armaan thinks that he knows they are planning something.

Armaan decides to find out their plan. Rudra sees everything hiding from them and then the Thakurs enter the conference hall.

Armaan asks Pihu what is all this when she said it’s her friend's birthday party. Pihu tells him that her friend gave her this location only.

Preesha asks her to check the invite once. Pihu checks it and says that tomorrow is her friend’s party.

Armaan scolds her and tries to leave from there, but he learns that the door got jammed from the outside and then he scolds the waiter.

Preesha asks him to calm down and tells him that they will eat something.

Rudra gives money to the waiter and the waiter tells him that he locked the door from outside.

Preesha asks Armaan to wait and she goes with Pihu to bring food.

While Rudra thinks that if any doctor doesn’t meet Armaan then everything will be ruined.

Armaan then notices Dr Gupta. While Dr Gupta tells Rudra that if they can’t find the fraud doctor today then it will become difficult to find him.

Armaan sees Rudra and thinks that something is fishy and decides to leave. He bribes the waiter and finds out another way to leave.

Armaan tells Preesha that he found another way to leave and says that Rudra is there.

Then they leave from there, while Preesha goes to bring the car.

The fraud doctor recognizes Armaan and talks to him. Armaan thinks that Pihu should not know about the doctor.

So Armaan pretends like he doesn’t know him. While Pihu thinks that this doctor must be the one who helped Armaan to snatch Preesha’s memories.

Pihu shows the fraud doctor to Rudra, while Armaan takes Pihu from there.

Episode Ends!

In the upcoming episode, we see Rudra threatens the fraud doctor. While Armaan learns that Preesha was giving the wrong injection to him.

Armaan tells Rudra that he knows everything and Rudra gets shocked seeing Armaan walking, then Armaan points a gun at him.

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