Yeh Hai Chahatein | YHC 9th October 2022 Written Update: Rudra's plan to expose Armaan fails; Raj-Vidyut both propose Pihu


Yeh Hai Chahatein 09th October 2022 Written Update: Rudra's plan to expose Armaan fails; Raj-Vidyut both propose Pihu


At the start of today's episode, Rudra is seen standing in front of Inspector Sachi Chautala and she gets stunned to see him there.

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Sachi questions Rudra as to what he is doing there, while Rudra replies that she must be very well aware of why he is there and that he has evidence against her.

Rudra tells her to tell the truth himself or else, he will expose her. Hearing this Sachi gets tensed and asks him if he is alone.

Rudra recalls how he and Preesha were about to confront Sachi when Rudra realised that Sachi is Armaan's college friend and has always helped him.

So, if both Rudra and Preesha would go and meet Sachi, she would inform Armaan about the same and Armaan would know that Preesha has regained her memory and trying to find evidence against him.

Armaan may again run away as he did last time and they won't be able to catch him.

At the college party, we see Pihu singing a song and suddenly Vidyut starts to imagine that he is dancing romantically with Pihu.

After some time Vidyut gets out of his imagination and is stunned thinking why he was imagining dancing with Pihu when he knows that both Raj and Pihu like each other and he should not imagine anything like that.

On the other side, Rudra then comes out of his thinking and replies to Sachi that he is alone and goes inside the house and threatens Sachi that he has all the evidence against her.

Rudra further says that he has a good relationship with the Police Commissioner and he would give all the evidence against her.

Hearing this Sachi starts to get stressed and agrees to help Rudra. Then Rudra asks her to come to the Commissioner's office tomorrow and tell the truth to the Commissioner.

Rudra tells her to say that Armaan has threatened to kill her and that is the reason she had to help him escape, while Sachi agrees with Rudra.

Rudra then leaves Sachi's house believing that tomorrow Sachi will tell the truth about Armaan to the Commissioner and Armaan would go to jail.

Vidyut proposes to Pihu:-

Back at the college party, we see Pihu's friends appreciate her for singing the song so well and one of the friends says that she is Raj's partner, and that's the reason she sang so well.

They ask Pihu about Raj, but she lies that Raj was not well and he has a recording coming up tomorrow so he could not come.

Just then in the background, there is a fight between Vidyut and a guy whom Vidyut beats very badly. Pihu sees this and stops their fight and scolds Vidyut for beating that guy so badly.

Pihu even goes on to taunt Vidyut comparing him with Raj and this makes Vidyut sad and he goes away from there.

Then Pihu tries to help that guy stand up when she notices that guy's phone which is fallen on the ground, Pihu sees that he has recorded her bold videos and pictures.

Pihu gets super angry seeing this and slaps that guy hard and realises that this was the reason Vidyut was beating this guy and runs to apologize to Vidyut.

We see Pihu finds Vidyut walking on the road in a drunken state with a bottle in his hands. Pihu walks up to him and throws away that bottle and confronts him, as to why he did that at the party.

Vidyut loses his patience and confesses that from day one he likes her a lot and when she rejected his friendship, he became like and was always jealous to see Raj and Pihu together.

Pihu gets shocked to know the truth and is just unable to say anything. Vidyut asks her to say anything to him, if she wants to scold him, she can do that.

Just then Pihu's friends come there and take her away, while Vidyut again becomes sad and Pihu looks at him with astonishment.

The next day, we see Rudra at the Commissioners office waiting for Sachi to come and confess everything. He tells the commissioner about Armaan and also about Sachi who has all the evidence against Armaan.

At the Thakur house, Preesha tries to go inside Armaan's room but finds it locked from the inside. She gets surprised to know, how Armaan has locked the door when he cannot get up.

Preesha knocks on the door and inquires to Armaan if he is fine and why he has locked the door. Just then Digvijay opens the door and Preesha goes inside the room.

Digvijay informs Preesha that, since Armaan cannot come to the office, they were discussing something important and confidential in his room.

Preesha instantly realises that both are telling lies to her after seeing the expressions on their faces. She then tries to give Armaan medicines, but Armaan refuses.

Armaan asks Preesha to give him the medicines after his discussion with Digvijay. Preesha realises that there is something which both of them are trying to hide from her, but she leaves from there.

Preesha goes to the kitchen and starts to think as to what Armaan is planning now when she sees Digvijay going out with a packet in his hands and Preesha follows him.

Inspector Sachi Chautala escapes; Rudra's plan fails:-

Back at the Commissioner's office, after waiting for Sachi when she does not come, both Rudra and the commissioner go to Sachi's house and find that the house is locked, and she is nowhere to find and even her phone is switched off.

Seeing this commissioner becomes hyper on Rudra and scolds him, as to why he left Sachi alone when she was the prime witness.

The commissioner further says that, now, if Rudra would tell the truth about Armaan he won't believe him and goes away from there. While Rudra stands stressed there.

On the other side, Preesha follows Digvijay who is waiting for Sachi and Sachi comes to meet him. Digvijay gives him money to keep Armaan's truth a secret and asks her to disappear from there.

While Preesha sees all this from afar and thinks about who is this lady when she gets a call from Rudra and Rudra tells Preesha everything about Sachi.

Preesha realises that the lady with Digvijay is non-other than Inspector Sachi Chautala.

Preesha tells Rudra that she knows where Sachi is and Rudra gets stunned to know that.

Episode Ends!

Raj proposes to Pihu:-

In the upcoming episode, Rudra comes to meet Preesha and asks her where is Sachi, Preesha opens the door of a car and gets stunned, seems like Preeha had caught Sachi and kept her in the car, but Sachi has escaped.

On the other side, in college, Raj proposes to Pihu and tells her that he loves him and then hugs her.

Pihu is stunned to know this and she turns to see Vidyut standing there with a sad face and slight tears in his eyes (seems like another love triangle like Rudra-Preesha-Armaan in the making).

In the end, we see Rudra telling Preesha that there is one person who can tell us the truth about Armaan.

Then Rudra, Preesha and Gopal go to meet doctor Gupta and request him to find the doctor who had snatched Preesha's memory at Armaan's behest.

At this Doctor Gupta tells Rudra about the doctor's conference. Then we see all the doctors coming to the conference when the same doctor who had snatched Preesha's memory, also comes there.

That doctor sees Armaan there in a wheelchair and tells him if he remembers him, as they had met last year.

Armaan gets shocked to see him, while Pihu who is standing beside Armaan signals Rudra that this is the doctor whom they are looking for.

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