YHC Written Update 06 October 2022: Rudra comes to Gopal's rescue, foils Armaan's evil plan


Yeh Hai Chahatein 6th October 2022 Written Update: Rudra comes to Gopal's rescue, foils Armaan's evil plan


At the start of today's episode, Preesha asks Gopal to show some better jewellery. Gopal thinks that Preesha is ashamed to call him father because he is working as a salesman.

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Preesha brings Gopal to stay at the Thakur House

While Preesha thinks that she can’t act anymore and tells Armaan that she did not like anything so they should go.

The Manager tells Preesha that they have more collections and then the manager scolds Gopal for not showing them the latest collections. He then orders Gopal to bring the latest collections.

Armaan thinks that Preesha did not recognize Gopal but she is not liking Gopal’s insult too. He tells Manager that they should not have hired an old man.

The manager tells him that Gopal joined recently so he is learning. Armaan gives tips to staff. Preesha tells him that his heart is really big and he cares about everyone.

Preesha then takes him to another section and thinks that she knows that Armaan is doing this purposely.

On the other side, in college, one student tells another student that Raj’s album did not start yet but is already Raj showing attitude. He says that Raj would lose nothing if he performed in a fundraising concert.

He says that Raj thinks that he is Rudra’s son, while Pihu and Vidyut overhear their conversation and an angry Vidyut slaps that student.

Vidyut tells them that Raj showing attitude because he has talent. He tells them that they should understand Raj’s situation.

Vidyut scolds them for badmouthing about Raj, while Pihu wonders if Vidyut has really changed.

Back at the jewellery shop, Preesha decides to buy expensive jewellery to teach a lesson to Armaan. Then Gopal shows the jewellery to Preesha.

Armaan puts one piece of jewellery in Gopal’s pocket and the manager learns that one piece of jewellery is missing.

Armaan asks the manager if they are suspecting them. Then Armaan asks the manager to check his staff and accuses Gopal of the same.

Preesha gets upset and thinks that Armaan is really bad, while Gopal defends himself.

The manager finds that piece of jewellery in Gopal’s pocket and decides to call the Police.

Just then Rudra comes there and warns him to not call the Police. He scolds the manager for accusing Gopal.

Rudra asks him to check the CCTV footage. While Armaan thinks that he will get caught if they checked the CCTV footage. An angry Rudra tells the manager that he can buy the store for Gopal.

The manager apologizes to him, while Preesha thanks God for sending Rudra there.

Armaan wonders what Rudra doing there and thinks that Rudra has ruined his plan.

Rudra recalls how he told the kids that Armaan took Preesha shopping and the kids decided to follow Preesha and informed Rudra about the issue.

Back to reality, Rudra asks Preesha that why she did not recognize her father Gopal. At this Preesha acts and asks him if Gopal is her father.

So a smart Rudra tells Armaan that Preesha has lost her memory but why he did not recognize Gopal?

Then an angry Preesha scolds Armaan, while Armaan tells her that he did not want her to get a panic attack by revealing the truth. She tells him that he hurt her and then Preesha hugs Gopal.

Episode Ends!

In the upcoming episode, Preesha tells Thakurs that Gopal will stay with them, while both Digvijay and Armaan gets stressed thinking that, Gopal could create a problem for their plan against Preesha.

At the end of the promo, we see that Rudra is sitting with Preesha in her bedroom at Thakur's house and says that he yearned to hug her.

While Preesha asks Rudra to leave from there before Armaan finds him there and their plan to get evidence against Armaan fails.

Just then Armaan who is seen walking towards Preesha's room opens the door and stands shocked.

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