YHC Written Update 05 October 2022: Armaan stands shocked to see Preesha-Rudra together in her bedroom


Yeh Hai Chahatein 5th October 2022 Written Update: Armaan stands shocked to see Preesha-Rudra together in her bedroom | YHC Today Episode


In today's episode, Preesha plans to go back to Armaan to collect evidence against him and shares this plan with Rudra.

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Rudra comes to Gopal's rescue, foils Armaan's evil plan

While Rudra initially does not agree with her plan while Saaransh and Ruhi support Preesha's plan and finally Rudra agrees to the plan.

Later, we see Armaan regaining his consciousness in the hospital and Preesha is seen standing beside him and asking about his health.

Whereas, Armaan who is well aware that Preesha had told the nurse that Rudra is her husband and also how Preesha saved Rudra and her children from getting burned, is not ready to trust Preesha.

Armaan believes that Preesha has regained her memory, but she is acting as if she does not remember anything and just at that time Rudra along with his children and Vanshika comes there.

Rudra tells Armaan that now Vanshika is his wife, while Preesha also says that she hates Rudra and asks him to leave from there and Rudra along with his family goes from there.

Here, we see that Digvijay is fully convinced that Preesha did not regain her lost memory, but Armaan still has doubts about Preesha and plans to find out if Preesha is acting or not.

The next day at Thakur's house, Armaan tells Preesha that he will take her shopping but Preesha refuses.

Then Armaan and Digvijay convince her to go shopping, as Armaan wants to show his love for Preesha, so unwillingly Preesha agrees for the same.

Then Armaan informs Digvijay, that he will take Preesha to a place where Preesha will see her father Gopal (GPS) and if Preesha is acting right now of not regaining her memory, she won't be able to act in front of her father.

On the other side of the story, Pihu sees that Vidyut has got hurt in his hand and she asks him about the same, but Vidyut refuses to tell her anything. 

Just then Raj comes there and tells Pihu that Vidyut got hurt while saving her. Vidyut acts weird and goes from there, while Pihu is still unable to trust Vidyut.

Later, in the college canteen, Raj and Pihu are approached by their college friends asking them to be part of a charity show and requesting them to sing together.

Unfortunately, Raj refuses, as he had signed a contract with a music company and hence, he cannot sing before his album is launched.

Pihu tries to convince Raj to be part of the charity show and sing for them, as it is just a small college show, but Raj refuses again and leaves the canteen.

Back at the Thakur house, Preesha wonders why Armaan is taking her shopping. Then she calls Rudra and informs him about the same.

Later, Armaan takes Preesha to the jewellery shop.

In the jewellery shop, Preesha gets shocked seeing GPS working as a salesman.

Even GPS sees Preesha and gets shocked to see that Preesha is with Armaan and she did not recognize him.

Now Preesha understands why Armaan brought her there and thinks that she cannot react after seeing her father, else Armaan will know her truth.

Then Preesha asks GPS to show her diamond sets, while GPS thinks that Preesha must have a reason to behave like this and shows her the diamond set.

Episode Ends!

In the upcoming episode, we see GPS getting accused of stealing jewellery, while GPS refuses of doing anything like that.

Then the owner of the shop checks the pant pockets of the GPS and he finds the jewellery in his pockets.

At the end of the promo, we see that Rudra is sitting with Preesha in her bedroom at Thakur's house and says that he yearned to hug her.

While Preesha asks Rudra to leave from there before Armaan finds him there and their plan to get evidence against Armaan fails.

Just then Armaan who is seen walking towards Preesha's room opens the door and stands shocked.

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