Udaariyaan 21st October 2022 Written Update: Ekam gets shot; Naaz to test Nehmat-Mallika’s friendship


Udaariyaan 21st October 2022 Written Update: Ekam gets shot; Naaz to test Nehmat-Mallika’s friendship


At the start of today's episode, we see Nehmat reaching home crying. She falls on her bed and cries, recalling Ekam’s words. While Naaz rejoices to see this.

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Udaariyaan 20th October 2022 Written Update

Then Nehmat asks loudly why Ekam has become adamant. She is certain that his anger will be cooled down soon. Then Nehmat goes to the washroom.


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On the other hand, Ekam receives his higher officer’s call. The officer says that Ekam got his posting in Rajpura due to some emergency and asks him to move there by night.

Ekam calls Nehmat to tell her the same, but Naaz sees Ekam calling. As Nehmat doesn’t answer the call as she is in the washroom. Ekam sends messages to her.

Ekam tells Nehmat about his new posting in Rajpura and asks Nehmat to meet him at 5 pm. He wants to meet Nehmat before starting his first posting as she’s lucky for him.

But Naaz reads the message and quickly deletes it. She puts Nehmat’s phone in flight mode so that no message is sent or received as she is determined to separate them.

Then Nehmat comes out of the washroom and checks if Ekam has sent any messages. She is disappointed that he didn’t send any messages.

Then she sends him a message asking him to end their fight. But the message doesn’t get sent and Nehmat doesn’t notice that her phone is in flight mode. 

Later, Nehmat receives a mail from Top Angle Media that she got a job there and she becomes overjoyed. She runs downstairs and tells the good news to her family and they all congratulate her.

Naaz watches this while burning with jealousy.

Meanwhile, Ekam is waiting for Nehmat and tries to call her and finds her phone switched off, so he calls Naaz. So Naaz goes aside and receives the call.

Naaz tells Ekam that he is calling her despite his break-up with Nehmat. Ekam doesn’t say that he called for Nehmat. So, he asks if Mallika is with Nehmat.

Naaz lies that Nehmat isn’t at home and her phone is switched off as maybe her battery is drained. Ekam tells about his posting in Rajpura and asks Naaz to inform Nehmat and Naaz agrees.

Ekam recalls his moments with Nehmat and drives off. He keeps checking his phone waiting for any message from Nehmat. 

Nehmat joins her job and is surprised to know that Advait is the celebrity who is going to give the press conference.

Nehmat misses Ekam and feels bad that she can’t even inform him about her new job.

Meanwhile, Ekam joins in his posting and he also misses Nehmat and feels bad that Nehmat didn’t wish him luck on his new posting.

On the other side, Naaz brings Nehmat’s laptop along with her. She sees the poster and learns that Advait is also there and remembers her challenge to Nehmat and Mallika. She thinks that luck is in her favour.

The press conference begins, then Nehmat asks Advait questions related to women’s safety and hygiene, while Advait answers her questions.

On the other side, Naaz watches Advait and gets impressed with his power and wealth. Naaz searches about Advait on the internet and learns that he has a brother called Nikhil who studied in London. 

At Rajpura, Ekam is on his first mission with his team. They surround a house to catch the goons. The goons shoot toward the police and escape.

Back at the press conference, Advait goes to talk to Nehmat and learns that she’s newly joined as a journalist and it’s her first assignment.

Then Advait praises Nehmat’s confidence and just at that time a guy by mistake slightly pushes Nehmat.

Nehmat lands in Ekam’s arms and Naaz quickly clicks their photo and smirks. Then Advait makes Nehmat stand and asks if she’s fine, while she says fine and leaves.

Naaz thinks that she will break Nehmat and Mallika’s pride by showing their boyfriends’ reality.

Back at the mission, Ekam and his team are chasing the goons and then Ekam gets shot in his arm. 

Episode Ends! 

Udaariyaan Upcoming Episode New Promo:-

In the upcoming episode, Naaz sees Advait giving goon money to harm Ekam.

Later, Naaz records a video of Nehmat and Advait dancing. Naaz says that it’s time to test Nehmat and Mallika’s friendship.

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