Udaariyaan 19th October 2022 Written Update: Naaz shows her true face to Nehmat; Ekam furious at Nehmat


Udaariyaan 19th October 2022 Written Update: Naaz shows her true face to Nehmat; Ekam furious at Nehmat


At the start of today's episode, we see Advait and Mallika talking. Mallika is surprised to see Nehmat there and to see her crying. She goes to check on Nehmat.

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While Advait understands that Nehmat and Ekam are still together.

Then Mallika asks Nehmat why she is crying. Mallika thinks that Nehmat is crying due to her break-up with Ekam. Then Mallika looks for Ekam to scold him.

But Nehmat stops her and informs her that she didn’t break up with Ekam and then tells about losing Ekam’s grandmother’s earrings that he had gifted her and coming to the function wearing the duplicate earrings.

Nehmat regrets her breaking Ekam’s trust, while Mallika consoles her.

Meanwhile, Ekam recalls Nehmat begging him for forgiveness and he feels bad for her and wonders if he overreacted.

Just then, Advait meets Ekam and introduces himself as Advait Kapoor. Ekam says that Advait is the son of the politician Shamsher, who is participating in the election.

Advait is surprised that Ekam knows about him. Ekam says that he has to know everything about politicians as he may have to take action against them.

At the Sandhu house, Nehmat is searching for the earrings throughout the whole room, while Mallika checks Naaz’s bag.

Seeing this Nehmat tries to stop Mallika. But Mallika checks the bag and finds Naaz’s modelling photos and the receipt for registering in a modelling contest.

Mallika shows the same to Nehmat, seeing this Nehmat gets shocked. Then Mallika accuses Naaz of stealing the earrings and selling them off to pay for the modelling contest.

But Nehmat refuses to believe Naaz can’t do this.

Later, Naaz returns home and Nehmat shows Naaz the portfolio that she made for herself and asks if she took the earrings of Ekam’s grandmother to pay for it.

Nehmat begs Naaz to tell the truth, while Mallika accuses Naaz of stealing the earrings.

Finally, Naaz admits to stealing the earrings. Nehmat is shocked and asks why she has done this. Naaz reveals that she did it to take revenge on Nehmat for being responsible for her break-up with Varun.

Naaz shows her true colours and says how she is jealous of Nehmat for getting better things than her from their childhood.

Hearing all this Nehmat is shocked that Naaz stole Ekam’s earrings for Varun, who insulted Naaz.

At this Naaz argues with Nehmat, defending Varun, and warns Nehmat not to interfere in her life and walks away.

But Mallika stops Naaz and fights with her for selling the earrings, which were very important to her brother.

Naaz throws water over Mallika’s face, this makes Mallika angry and she slaps Naaz and then shows Naaz her real place by comparing her behaviour to her mom, Jasmine.

Naaz becomes angry and slaps Mallika and says that Nehmat is also Jasmine’s blood despite being brought up by Tejo and Fateh.

Naaz then asks Mallika to be careful with Nehmat since she can also do the same kind of act with Mallika. Nehmat slaps Naaz for dishonouring those who have died.

Naaz asks Nehmat to question Mallika who had started this. She defends Varun and says that he is better than Ekam, who fought with Nehmat for the gold earrings.

Nehmat warns Naaz not to say a word against Ekam. But Naaz continues to speak and then she talks about Mallika being behind Advait.

With the intention of instigating Mallika against Nehmat, Naaz says that he isn’t the right guy. She says that Advait is interested in Nehmat, not Mallika.

Nehmat and Mallika stand shocked to hear this and she challenges them to prove the same. Nehmat challenges Naaz that she will never be able to separate her and Ekam.

Episode Ends!

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In the upcoming episode, Ekam asks Nehmat how she got the earrings back. Nehmat refuses to tell him the truth, this makes Ekam angry with Nehmat and he drives off.

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