Udaariyaan 17th October 2022 Written Update: Naaz steals Nehmat’s earrings and vows to break Nehmat’s heart


Udaariyaan 17th October 2022 Written Update: Naaz steals Nehmat’s earrings and vows to break Nehmat’s heart


At the start of today's episode, Naaz deletes Varun’s video from Nehmat’s phone and hopes that Varun won’t be angry with her anymore.

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Naaz then puts the phone in Nehmat’s bag and leaves from there, while Nehmat collects her back and goes to pray to God. Ekam also sits next to Nehmat and prays and they both pray for each other’s safety.

Nehmat is shocked to see Ekam there, while Ekam and Nehmat go aside to talk. Nehmat gives Ekam the special offering she prepared for Ekam.

Then Ekam says that he is going to become ASP in two days and a felicitation celebration is organized for the same. Ekam wants Nehmat to attend that function.

Nehmat recalls Rupy’s words and refuses to come. Ekam insists that Nehmat attend the function as he wants her to be with him when he becomes a police officer.

Ekam says that without Nehmat, his happiness would be incomplete, and then he gifts Nehmat a pair of gold earrings which were given by his grandmother to his future wife.

Ekam then asks Nehmat to wear those hearings for his felicitation function. Nehmat promises to keep those earrings safely.

While Naaz overhears their conversation and thinks that Nehmat can’t get her love if she can’t get her love because of Nehmat.

Then Nehmat promises Ekam to attend the function, while Ekam and Nehmat leave. Naaz plans to separate Nehmat and Ekam and then plans to inform Rupy as to how Nehmat broke his trust.

Later, Rupy also visits the Gurudwara and he is about to fall while removing his shoes, but Ekam holds Rupy. Rupy doesn’t recognize Ekam due to his disguise, so Rupy blesses him and leaves.

Then, Naaz calls Varun to inform him that she deleted his video from Nehmat’s phone, but he doesn’t answer her calls.

While Shelly tells Naaz about a big fashion event which is going to take place there and shows the ad of it in the magazine.

Naaz recalls Varun talking about the models and thinks that Varun will accept her if she also becomes a model. She contacts the event organizer to enrol her.

The event organizer asks Naaz to pay Rs. 40,000 and also to send her photo.

Naaz is shocked and wonders how she will arrange Rs. 40,000 and, moreover, she has to pay a professional photographer to click her pictures.

Then she remembers the earrings that Ekam gifted Nehmat. She steals those earrings from the cupboard and thinks of using them to get Rs. 40,000.

She vows to break Ekam’s trust in Nehmat, as Nehmat broke her relationship with Varun.

Just then, Nehmat arrives there, finding her ID card for her next morning's interview. Naaz panics and hides the earrings and makes an excuse and walks out of the room.

On the other side, Mallika tries to convince Jayveer to attend Ekam’s felicitation ceremony, but Jayveer refuses.

Then Renuka reminds Jayveer that he wanted to fix Ekam and the DSP’s daughter’s marriage and that DSP would also attend that function.

While Mallika is shocked to hear this and she scolds her parents for trying to fix the marriage of Ekam, who just had a break-up with Nehmat.

Mallika also says that Ekam will be upset that Nehmat won’t attend the function.

Meanwhile, Nehmat receives Ekam’s letter in which Ekam asks Nehmat to attend the function wearing his gifted earrings. He says that he will be waiting for her.

Nehmat imagines meeting Ekam, but she is also in a dilemma. While Ekam prays to God to help Nehmat to attend the function.

On the other side, Naaz meets Varun and shows her pictures clicked by a professional and she tells him about registering for the fashion show.

Hearing this Varun mocks Naaz and asks how she got money to make a portfolio. Naaz thinks of mortgaging Neham’s earrings for 60,000.

Naaz says that it does not matter and says that she loves Varun and can do anything for him.

At this Varun says that he is dating another girl and walks away from her by throwing away Naaz’s photos. Naaz vows to break Nehmat’s heart, as her heart was broken because of her.

Later, Nehmat returns home and sees her family planning to attend a function and take Nehmat and Naaz along with them.

Nehmat wonders how to go to ask Rupy’s permission to go to Ekam’s function. She takes it as a test of her love and decides to talk to Rupy.

On the other hand, Shamsher and Advait also discuss Ekam’s function and Advait is sure that Nehmat will attend it.

While Nehmat requests Rupy to allow her to attend Ekam’s function, but Rupy rejects her request and reminds her that she broke her relationship with Ekam.

Episode Ends!

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