Rajjo 30th October 2022 Written Update: Rajjo gives Arjun an open challenge


Rajjo 30th October 2022 Written Update: Rajjo gives Arjun an open challenge


At the start of today's episode, we see an unconscious Rajjo taken to the godown by Arjun in his arms.

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After reaching the godown, Arjun lays Rajjo down on the floor and turns on the flashlight using his mobile and keeps it near Rajjo.

On the terrace, a furious Urvashi confronts Madhu and the Thakur family for not reacting when Arjun took Rajjo in his arms and took him to the godown.

Urvashi also says that she too could have saved Arjun the same way Rajjo did; however, she was afraid that Arjun would scold her for jumping into the fire and risking her life for him.

Urvashi further says that Arjun is capable of handling such minor danger himself and he did not need anyone's help for that.

Chirag does not agree with Urvashi and tells her that it was not a small danger and that among all of them, it was only Rajjo who had dared to risk her life in order to save Arjun.

At this Madhu replies to Chirag that, what Rajjo did today for Arjun is nothing compared to whatever Arjun has done for Rajjo to date.

Then Jhilmil also jumps into the conversation that, it was Urvashi's Karwa Chauth fast that saved Arjun's life.

To this Kalindi taunts that, Urvashi did not even complete her fast, but Madhu, who hates Rajjo even though she saved Arjun, Madhu gives full credit to Urvashi for Arjun getting saved from the fire.

While, on the other side, Pushkar thinks about who has done fast because of which Rajjo's life got saved.

Then all the family members go ahead with the Karwa Chauth rituals and Madhu tries to boost the morale of Urvashi by telling her that, Rajjo cannot defeat them and Arjun will be hers.

In the godown, Arjun gives first-aid to Rajjo and confronts her as to why she risked her life to save him. Rajjo replies that she is here only to protect him from all the evils and dangers.

Rajjo sensing the time right again tries to make Arjun understand that she is not wrong and she is here to just save him, but just then Arjun starts to cough.

Seeing this Rajjo quickly gives water to Arjun and then both ask each other to have their food and go to sleep and they also thank each other for saving them.

Then Arjun politely requests Rajjo to sleep in the godown instead of sleeping in front of his bedroom and assures her that he will lock his room while sleeping and then he leaves.

Later, Urvashi sees Arjun and tries to act by hugging him and thanking God for saving Arjun. Urvashi then says that she too was about to jump into the fire to save Arjun.

Just at that time, Chirag also comes there and taunts Urvashi by saying that, but Urvashi's uncles stopped her from jumping into the fire, but no one could stop Rajjo.

Chirag then praises Rajjo for her daredevil act to save Arjun's life. Then Arjun says, he believed Rajjo to be selfish, greedy and dishonest and she has come to the Thakur house with some evil motives.

But what Rajjo has done today to save him, a selfish, greedy or dishonest person can never do and this is making him confused, about whether to trust Rajjo or not.

Arjun further says that his mind still does not trust Rajjo, but his heart trusts her, and then he questions Chirag if he should trust his mind or his heart.

At this Chirag an incredible reply to Arjun that today, Rajjo saved his life without thinking of getting any benefit or what she would get from this relationship.

Chirag further says that Rajjo very well knows that no one in our family accepts her as Arjun's wife.

But she still went ahead and put her life in danger to save Arjun and this makes it very clear that she is the one who will always be by Arjun's side.

Hearing this Urvashi pokes her nose in between and proclaims that she is that person who would always be by Arjun's side.

Then Urvashi taunts that Rajjo saved Arjun's life so that the Thakur family accepts her as Arjun's wife. She further says that Rajjo always disturbs Arjun by sleeping in front of Arjun's bedroom.

Urvashi puts allegations against Rajjo by stating that, Rajjo leaves the house early in the morning and then returns with lots of money.

They also don't know from where she is getting that much money, or if she is stealing it from somewhere.

Then Urvashi tries to instigate Arjun against Rajjo by asking him to keep an eye on Rajjo.

Later, Rajjo is about to start eating the food given by Arjun but suddenly stops. While on the other side, Arjun is seeing thinking about Rajjo.

In the meanwhile, Rajjo goes to the kitchen and from the fridge, she takes the cupcakes and leaves. But Pushkar sees this and then Urvashi comes to meet Pushkar and asks him to get rid of Rajjo.

Then Urvashi tells Pushkar that she has planned to do something tomorrow, but does not reveal her plan to Pushkar, at this Puskar taunts Urvashi for being behind the Thakur family's property.

This does not go down well with Urvashi and she hits back at Pushkar stating that he was the one who had tried to kill Rajjo, as he does not want Rajjo to get the same status as Kalindi.

After this, both Urvashi and Pushkar get into a heated argument. Then Pushkar taunts Urvashi that he will also see if her plan gets successful or not and then he leaves.

On the other side, Rajjo who is still worried about Arjun goes to his bedroom to check if he is fine, but Arjun sees Rajjo there and scolds her for coming there instead of sleeping.

At this Rajjo smiles and tells Arjun that he used to scold her lovingly before their wedding, but now it is not the case. Hearing this Arjun becomes speechless.

Episode Ends!

Rajjo Upcoming Episode New Promo - Rajjo's open challenge to Arjun:-

In the upcoming episode, Arjun tells Rajjo that she would never be called Rajjo Singh Thakur. He further says that Rajjo cannot participate in the Diwali race using Thakur's family name.

At this Rajjo gives a befitting reply to him and says that she will participate in the race as Rajjo.

Then Arjun tells her that, Rajjo still cannot participate in the race. This makes Rajjo aggressive and she confronts him by questioning him if she cannot participate in the race, as she does not belong to a rich family.

Rajjo then tells Arjun that, the sky and the land also belong to the poor and she will participate in the race and asks Arjun to give her an open challenge if he wants to.

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