Rajjo 29th October 2022 Written Update: Rajjo jumps into the fire and saves Arjun's life; Chirag taunts Urvashi


Rajjo 29th October 2022 Written Update: Rajjo jumps into the fire and saves Arjun's life; Chirag taunts Urvashi


At the start of today's episode, we see Jhilmil saying that the moon has come out. Just then, the moon disappears behind the clouds.

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At this, Jhilmil says that she’s starving and laments about the same. Pushkar is shocked to see Kalindi standing near the half-cut and nailed poll.

Pushkar quickly rushes to her and drags her aside, which confuses the family. Pushkar lies that he misunderstood a rope for a snake.

Then Jhilmil says that Kalindi is very dear to Pushkar and says that he can kill anyone to save her life. Kalindi hugs Pushkar, saying that she loves him and he is the best dad in the world.

All the ladies are irritated that the moon hasn’t come out yet, while Pushkar is annoyed that he can’t execute his plan to kill Rajjo.

In the meanwhile, Madhu asks Rajjo to bring plates from the storeroom and Rajjo obliges, just then someone locks her up in the storeroom.

Rajjo shouts for help and then she hears loud music and she understands that now no one can hear her scream now.

Meanwhile, Jhilmil says that she locked up Rajjo in the storeroom and played loud music so that no one can hear her.

Madhu says that now Arjun and Urvashi can peacefully complete their Karwa Chauth puja and then Jhilmil leaves.

Then Madhu says that Rajjo thinks of herself as smart to perform every ritual of Karwa Chauth indirectly.

Madhu further says that her fast will be completed when Arjun feeds her water and she won’t let it happen at any cost.

In the storeroom, Rajjo keeps shouting to open the door and on the other side, the family is talking about Karwa Chauth rituals.

Then Arjun goes to the other side to see if the moon has come out and goes near the half-cut poll.

While Rajjo who is still in the storeroom says that everyone would have completed their fast by now, she didn’t drink water from Arjun’s hand.

Just then, she sees Arjun from the window glass and Ek Dil Ek Jaan song plays in the background.

Rajjo notices that the poll is about to fall and she shouts and tries to alert Arjun. Arjun notices the poll falling and moves away.

Then the poll falls down and that place catches fire and Arjun gets stuck in the fire.

Everyone gets shocked and worried, while Rajjo shouts to someone to help Arjun.

Then we see, Urvashi signals the moneylenders and pretends to jump into the fire to save Arjun, but the moneylenders pretend to stop her.

Seeing all this, Rajjo gets a nervous breakdown seeing. Then she breaks the window and comes out of the storeroom.

Rajju runs to save Arjun and pushes Urvashi away. The Kalash lands near Arjun and Rajjo takes a blanket and covers herself and calls out to Chirag and asks to get water.

Chirag quickly pours the water over the blanket and then Rajjo jumps into the fire and covers Arjun with a wet blanket.

The family gets stunned to see this and Pratap asks everyone to pour water and douse the fire.

Arjun is surprised to see Rajjo, and Rajjo says that, thankfully, Arjun is fine. Rajjo and Arjun come out of the blanket and stare at each other.

Rajjo feels dizzy and is about to fall but Arjun catches Rajjo holding her waist and Rajjo faints.

Then Arjun tries to wake her up, then he takes some water from the Kalash and sprinkles it over Rajjo’s face.

Madhu asks Arjun to come to them, leaving Rajjo, at this Chirag says that Rajjo risked her life to save Arjun and then taunts Urvashi that she didn’t even move from her place to save Arjun.

Seeing Rajjo's condition, Arjun feeds her water from the Kalash and then he lifts Rajjo in his arms and takes her from there. Arjun slightly pushes Urvashi on his way and seeing this Madhu gets furious.

Episode Ends!

Rajjo Upcoming Episode New Promo:-

In the upcoming episode, Arjun says that Rajjo can never become Rajjo Singh Thakur.

Arjun also says that she can’t take part in the Diwali race with their family name. Hearing this, Rajjo tears the register slip and says that she will run as Rajjo.

Then Arjun says that she still can’t run, at this Rajjo asks why. She asks if it’s because she’s not from a rich family.

Rajjo further says that the sky and land belong to the poor people as well. She gets determined to run in the Diwali race and asks Arjun to challenge her if he wants.

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