Rajjo 28th October 2022 Written Update: Urvashi's plan to harm Rajjo backfires


Rajjo 28th October 2022 Written Update: Urvashi's plan to harm Rajjo backfires


At the start of today's episode, we see moneylenders demanding Urvashi to return their money and threatening to tell her truth to Madhu.

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Urvashi threatens them back by saying that they will also end up behind bars for acting like her uncles and that they won’t get their money.

Urvashi then says that she will get the gold Kalash at any cost for them and asks them to be patient till that. 

Later, Pushkar asks Urvashi to find Rajjo to execute his plan, while Urvashi asks Pushkar if he has a plan B. Pushkar says that one plan is enough and asks Urvashi to get Rajjo near the poll. 

Then we see, Arjun changing his clothes, while Rajjo arrives there to place Arjun’s punching bag in his room. Rajjo turns her face to the other side, seeing Arjun’s bare chest.

At this Arjun scolds Rajjo for entering his room while he is changing clothes. But Rajjo defends herself by saying that her family asked her to place it there. She drags the punch inside with a lot of difficulties.

Then Arjun drags Rajjo and pins her to the wall. Rajjo asks what she did now. Arjun says that she will be tired after doing work. He asks Rajjo to drink the water and then forces her to drink it.

But Rajjo throws the glass away. Arjun says that he caught her lie. He says that she’s fasting for his long life despite being his fake wife.

Arjun then taunts her if she wants him to be grateful to her for that and forget her betrayal. He urges Rajjo to drink the water, but Rajjo refuses. 

On the other side, Swara is feeding Sia, while Mukund and Jhilmil send Sia to play. Jhilmil tells Swara that she should become this house’s number one daughter-in-law.

Jhilmil then asks Swara to become as cunning as Kalindi and takes advantage of Rajjo and Urvashi's drama to make her place in the house.

Mukund also asks Swara to do as Jhilmil says and Swara nods in yes, after that they leave. Karthik comes to Swara and tells her that she doesn’t need to change herself by listening to them.

Karthik asks her to be herself and becomes a daughter-in-law who keeps the family together. 

In Arjun's room, Arjun accuses Rajjo of doing drama so that his family feels pity for her and forgets her misdeeds. Rajjo admits that she lost and is about to leave.

But Arjun holds Rajjo’s hand and says that she accepted that she can’t win over him and so he asks her to get out. Rajjo asks if she really wants her to leave the house and Arjun stays quiet.

Rajjo then says that she admitted that she can’t make him understand. She says that she didn’t give up on him and she also can’t be defeated.

Then Arjun pushes Rajjo to the side so that she doesn’t walk over the shattered glass piece. Rajjo thanks Arjun mockingly.

Arjun says that she can do whatever drama she wants, but he won’t feed her water to break her fast. Rajjo says that she left it in the Goddess’ hands.

Rajjo says that Arjun should understand Goddess’ will when her fast is completed. She further says that she doesn’t care even if he doesn’t understand.

Rajjo is about to leave, taking the charger, but stumbles and falls over Arjun. They both lands in the cupboard and they get stuck inside. Just then Urvashi comes there looking for Arjun.

Arjun asks Rajjo to be quiet, but Rajjo screams. Urvashi opens the cupboard and is shocked to find Rajjo and Arjun inside. Urvashi accuses Rajjo of trapping Arjun inside the cupboard.

Rajjo mocks Urvashi and says that she can’t separate herself from Arjun.

In the meantime, Arjun changes his clothes and takes Urvashi from there. 

Then the Thakur family gathers on the terrace waiting to see the moon and then break the Karwa Chauth fast. Madhu asks Rajjo to give everyone the puja plate and Rajjo obliges.

Lastly, Rajjo gives Arjun’s puja plate to Urvashi. Urvashi thinks that she will win, while Rajjo thinks that she can’t win.

Then Urvashi tells Rajjo that a strong bad smell is coming from Rajjo. And then she sprays the perfume over Rajjo despite Arjun asking her to stop.

Madhu notifies that Urvashi’s veil on the puja plate has caught fire. Urvashi is shocked to see it and throws it in the air.

Rajjo catches it and sees the moon through the veil and then Arjun’s face, while Madhu gets shocked to see this.

Then Karthik asks someone to get water to douse the fire. Arjun puts out the fire with his handkerchief.

While Rajjo thanks God for helping her to complete her Karwa Chauth rituals.

Episode Ends!

Rajjo Upcoming Episode New Promo:-

In the upcoming episode, Madhu sends Rajjo to the storeroom on the terrace to bring some plates. Rajjo gets locked inside the storeroom and then she sees the pillar falling and catching fire.

Rajjo then sees that Arjun is stuck in the fire, and she shouts for help to save Arjun.

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