Rajjo 27th October 2022 Written Update: Arjun calls Rajjo a sindoor thief; Rajjo called Arjun blind.


Rajjo 27th October 2022 Written Update: Arjun calls Rajjo a sindoor thief; Rajjo called Arjun blind.



The episode starts with Arjun accusing Rajjo of stealing on the day of Karwa Chauth puja. There, Madhu is telling the story to celebrate the Karwa Chauth.

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Pushkar-Urvashi's plan to harm Rajjo backfires

Pushkar is determined to execute his plan to harm Rajjo and wonders where she’s. Here, Arjun says he wishes for the day when he will get rid of Rajjo soon.

Rajjo says that she also wants the same. She says that she means that Arjun is free from all the troubles from which she has come to save him. She asks Arjun what she stole.

Rajjo 26th October 2022 - Arjun keeps Karwa Chauth fast for Urvashi, Rajjo gets sad


Arjun shows the silver bowl which has vermillion. He accuses her of stealing it which angers Rajjo. The latter argues with Arjun. She asks Arjun how he easily blames her, but he can’t see Urvashi’s truth.

Arjun says that he isn’t blind, he caught the thief. He leaves. Rajjo says that Arjun will regret hurting her. She cries.

Arjun rejoins the family in the puja. Chirag asks where Arjun has gone. Arjun says to stop the thief. Chirag says Arjun must have made Rajjo cry for no reason, to which Arjun admits that.

Madhu asks Swara to bring flowers for Puja. Mukund says that Swara is tired since she hasn’t eaten anything since the morning. He goes to get the flowers.

Pratap says that Mukund is becoming a good husband. Puskar taunts Chirag by saying that he hopes the same from Chirag. Madhu calls out to Rajjo.

Just then, Rajjo arrives there decked up for the Karwa Chauth puja. Arjun gets mesmerized by seeing Rajjo. Chirag teases Arjun about the same.

Jhilmil asks how she got these clothes. Urvashi says that she must have stolen them. Madhu shows the torn pallu and says that these are clothes thrown away by someone.

Arjun recalls throwing the duppata over Rajjo and insulting her. Jhilmil mocks Rajjo.

The Thakur ladies start performing the Karwa Chauth ritual. They pass the Kalash. Rajjo is worried that her Karwa Chauth puja will remain incomplete.

She also wants to touch the Kalash. She prays to God for the same. Arjun places his foot on the electrical wire. The lights start to flicker. Rajjo uses this opportunity and throws a ball over Urvashi.

The latter drops the Kalash. Rajjo catches the Kalash, which angers Madhu. The latter accuses Rajjo of deliberately ruining the ritual by touching the Kalash and lashes out at her. She asks Rajjo to stay away from the puja.

Rajjo defends her actions by saying that she saved the Kalash from falling. Chirag and Swara agree with Rajjo. Rajjo hands the Kalash to Urvashi and leaves.

Chirag notifies that Arjun’s sherwani is covered with Vermilion. He goes to clean it. Madhu makes Rajjo clean the floor. Rajjo feels weak.

Madhu urges Rajjo to do the work fast and get water for Pushkar. Jhilmil takes Madhu from there for some work. Rajjo gives water to Pushkar.

The latter asks Rajjo to go to the terrace and check the arrangements. Chirag says that the workers will look after it. Yet Pushkar sends Rajjo to the terrace.

But Madhu gives gift boxes to Rajjo and asks her to decorate them. Rajjo feels dizzy and drops the box. Swara catches Rajjo from falling.

She offers her water, saying she hasn’t eaten since morning. Rajjo refuses to drink it. She leaves, making the excuse of having work. Arjun wonders if Rajjo is keeping fast for him.

Episode ends!


Rajjo Upcoming Episode New Promo:-

Rajjo vows to expose Urvashi. Urvashi warns Rajjo about the danger. Arjun is shocked to see a fire in his room.


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