Rajjo 25th October 2022 Written Update: Pushkar sets a trap to kill Rajjo


Rajjo 25th October 2022 Written Update: Pushkar sets a trap to kill Rajjo


At the start of today's episode, we see Rajjo challenging Urvashi that she will not let her be successful in her intention and reminding her that she stopped her wedding with Arjun.

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Just then Arjun arrives there and misunderstands that Rajjo is disturbing Urvashi and scolds Rajjo. Urvashi pretends to feel weak and walks away.

Seeing this Arjun gets angry and is about to scold Rajjo again, but Rajjo angrily throws the vessels in the sink and leaves. 

On the other side, Kalindi expresses her joy about their victory over Urvashi. Rajjo says that they should not celebrate it so soon as Urvashi won’t give up so easily and will come up with a new plan.

At this Kalindi gives Rajjo some money, but Rajjo refuses to take it. But Kalindi forcibly hands her the money. Arjun sees this and misunderstands Rajjo and leaves.

Then Rajjo returns the money to Kalindi. She says that she only wants to save this house’s money from reaching into the wrong hands. She doesn’t want anything in return. 

Meanwhile, the moneylenders express their worry about getting exposed by Rajjo. Urvashi assures them that no one in the family will believe Rajjo’s words and says that Madhu hates her.

The moneylenders ask Urvashi to return their money and threaten her and then leave.

Then Urvashi wonders whether Kalindi joined hands with Rajjo, and then she says that Kalindi can’t go against her as she knows her secret.

On the other side, Rocky romances Kalindi, but Kalindi asks him to control himself, as Urvashi already knows their secret and she doesn’t want anyone else to know about their affair. 

Later, Pushkar visits the Thakurs and seeing this Kalindi happily hugs him. Pushkar congratulates her on her victory.

While Madhu asks why Kavita didn’t come. Pushkar says that Kavita has gone to her parent's house.

Then Jhilmil asks them how she will break her fast. Pushkar says that through the video call.

Madhu then introduces Urvashi’s uncles to Pushkar. The Thakurs ask Pushkar to stay for the Karwa Chautha function.

Just then Jhilmil rings the bell and asks Rajjo to bring water for Pushkar.

Rajjo gets water for Pushkar and she notices that Pushkar has his shoes and thinks that the shoes that she found in the hospital might not be his shoes. 

After some time, both Pushkar and Urvashi go aside on the pretext of making a call. Pushkar asks if she did his work and Urvashi replies that she couldn’t as she was with Madhu the whole day.

Pushkar says that he has to call back his men for the work and then he leaves.

Then Madhu gives Urvashi a gold Kalash and says that it is their tradition that their daughter-in-law perform their first Karwa Chauth puja in this Kalash.

Madhu also says that she will give the Kalash after the puja. Urvashi plans to return the moneylender's loan using this Kalash. 

On the other side, Rajjo goes to the godown to get some clothes. She feels weakness as she’s fasting secretly for Arjun, while Arjun confronts Rajjo and then taunts Rajjo.

Arjun accuses Rajjo of being always behind the money and asks her why she needs money, hearing this Rajjo laughs.

Seeing this Arjun asks her to be quiet and then he holds her cheeks harshly but Rajjo pushes him away. She asks who he is to prevent her from laughing.

Rajjo then says that he could also be wrong and asks why he is always behind her. She says that she knows him better than he does.

Rajjo also asks why he is obsessed with her and asks if he hasn’t started to consider her as his wife, at this Arjun shouts shut up.

Arjun throws a torn cloth over Rajjo and says that Rajjo deserves this torn and dirty cloth only. 

On the other side, as per Pushkar’s instructions, his man, Badru, cuts the pillar. He says that the pillar will fall if anyone pushes it.

While Pushkar gives him some nails and asks him to nail the pillar in the opposite direction so that the nail can pierce Rajjo’s head and Badru obliges.

Pushkar then laughs and says that Rajjo’s hairline will be filled with her own blood on the day of Karwa Chauth. 

Then we see Madhu and Arjun having a conversation. Madhu finds that Arjun is also keeping fast for Urvashi.

On the other side, Pushkar finds Rajjo alone and thinks of executing his plan now. He asks her to go to the terrace on the pretext of finding his lost watch.

But Sia comes there and urges Rajjo to make a strawberry milkshake for her. 

Episode Ends!

Rajjo Upcoming Episode New Promo:-

In the upcoming episode, Rajjo vows to expose Urvashi to Arjun. Urvashi warns Rajjo about the danger. Arjun is shocked to see a fire in his room. 

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