Rajjo 24th October 2022 Written Update: Rajjo throws water on Urvashi's face and mocks her after defeating her in the game


Rajjo 24th October 2022 Written Update: Rajjo throws water on Urvashi's face and mocks her after defeating her in the game


At the start of today's episode, we see Madhu praising Arjun and Urvashi as a couple and then Urvashi shows her answers.

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Urvashi gets all her answers incorrect. Rajjo says that Arjun likes the white colour, in the food he likes cake and his favourite celebrity is Amitabh Bachchan and Swara hears this.

While Jhilmil says that there’s no chemistry between Arjun and Urvashi as all her answers are wrong.

Then Swara says that Rajjo gave all the right answers and hearing this Madhu gets furious at her and then Swara apologizes.

Arjun also scolds Rajjo for not hearing his phone ringing and asks her to pass it to him.

While getting up, Rajjo slips and falls into Urvashi’s lap and then she mocks Urvashi, stating that she doesn’t know anything about Arjun.

This makes Urvashi angry at Rajjo and she pulls Rajjo up, while Madhu sends Rajjo to get the Housie game.

But Arjun stops Rajjo and asks if she knows everything about him. Rajjo says yes and also says that he doesn’t know about people.

At this Arjun says that he knows about her and then he asks Rajjo to stay away from him and not to try to prove in front of the world that she knows anything about him.

They both get into an argument and then Arjun asks Rajjo not to spoil Urvashi’s first Karwa Chauth.

Arjun again taunts Rajjo and calls her a gold digger. In anger, he throws the Housie game box in the air. Then he asks Rajjo to collect the pieces and leaves.

On his way, Arjun tells Pankuhudi to call Rajjo to the hall as they got a new Housie game set.

Then the Thakur family ladies send their men away to play the Housie, while Pankhudi says that the winner will get money.

Later, Urvashi convinces Madhu to call her uncles, so that they can tell her the numbers in the game so that she can win by cheating.

Rajjo deliberately pours water over Kalindi’s saree and takes her aside on the pretext of fixing it.

Rajjo tells Kalindi that Urvashi involved her fake uncles in the game to cheat.

Kalindi asks Rajjo to keep an eye on Urvashi as she’s also playing the game. She assures Rajjo, that she will help her if she gets in any trouble.

Then the game begins. Urvashi’s fake uncles distribute the tickets to everyone.

They click a photo of Urvashi’s ticket. Then they tell only the numbers which are present in Urvashi’s ticket.

Rajjo understands this and refuses to let Urvashi win. Rajjo gets under the sofa and pinches Urvashi’s back.

Urvashi shouts in pain and drops her ticket. Kalindi exchanges her ticket with Urvashi’s.

Urvashi’s fake uncle tells the next number. Kalindi shouts that she won and jumps out of happiness, while Urvashi gets shocked.

While Madhu and the rest of the family are happy for Kalindi.

Urvashi says to the moneylenders that Kalindi won by cheating. The moneylenders ask her to give them their money before the day ends.

An angry Urvashi goes to Rajjo and raises her hand to slap Rajjo. But Rajjo throws water over her face and says that she won’t let her raise her hand again.

Then Rajjo admits that she defeated Urvashi in the game and mocks Urvashi. In the meanwhile, Arjun looks for Urvashi.

While Urvashi gets annoyed with Rajjo and says that Arjun will give her the status of his wife, will break her fast and will gift her whatever she wants and just then, Arjun arrives there.

Episode Ends!

Rajjo Upcoming Episode New Promo:-

In the upcoming episode, Rajjo vows to expose Urvashi in front of Arjun. While Urvashi warns Rajjo about the danger.

On the other side, Arjun is seen standing in front of a mirror that has caught fire.

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