Rajjo 23rd October 2022 Written Update: Rajjo plans to expose Urvashi, while Urvashi plans to kill Rajjo


Rajjo 23rd October 2022 Written Update: Rajjo plans to expose Urvashi, while Urvashi plans to kill Rajjo


At the start of today's episode, we see both Rajjo and Arjun in Urvashi's room where Arjun confronts her for spying on Urvashi and also gets angry with Rajjo.

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Rajjo throws water on Urvashi's face and mocks her after defeating her in the game

Rajjo remains calm and again tries to warn Arjun against Urvashi, but Arjun is in no mood to listen to her and says that he does not want to hear anything against Urvashi.

Then Arjun takes out an Rs. 2000 note and removes the evil eye from himself and taunts Rajjo that her evil eye is on him and that's why facing a lot of problems.

Arjun gives that money to Rajjo saying that he wants this money only and then says, that in his life he has never called any girl any weird names or insulted her.

But Rajjo has changed him and now he will also taunt and call her by the name given by his family - Ganti and then leaves from there, while Rajjo stands there with tears in her eyes.

Rajjo then recalls all the moments when Arjun saved her life. Just then one of the maids passes from there, Rajjo stops her and gives the money to the maid that Arjun had given to her, saying that just pray for Arjun Sir to keep him safe from evil eyes.

On the other side, the Thakur family gets together to celebrate Karva Chauth, just then Urvashi comes there and Pratap asks her about her Uncle (moneylender), hearing this Urvashi gets worried.

Then Urvashi replies that her Uncle is taking a rest, as he got tired due to the flight journey.

At this Kalindi sarcastically questions Urvashi, that the flight was from Dubai which is a journey of only 2.5 hours and still they got tired, Urvashi quickly replies that yes, they got tired.

Then Kalindi gives a fake smile to Urvashi and asks her to join all the family members to play the game, but Urvashi who looks worried leaves from there.

Just then Chirag comes there and sits next to Kalindi and shows her concern towards Kalindi stating that, if she feels dizzy, she should drink some juice or tell him and he will arrange something for her.

At this Kalindi replies that she has kept Karva Chauth fast for his long life and she cannot eat or drink anything.

So Chirag says that he is shortening his own life by drinking alcohol, so she should not take trouble for him by remaining thirsty, hearing this Kalindi goes silent.

On the other side, Arjun gets ready for the Karva Chauth festival and is on his way towards his family when he sees Rajjo carrying too much stuff with her.

Then we see a sweet Nok-Jhok between both Arjun and Rajjo. Arjun tries to taunt Rajjo again, but this time it seems like he cares for Rajjo and does not want Rajjo to carry so much of a load alone.

While Rajjo tries to be funny and gives replies to each question of Arjun and then is about to leave from there when Urvashi comes there and asks Arjun to come along with her to join their family.

Seeing this Rajjo gets sad, while Urvashi smirks at Rajjo and both Arjun and Urvashi leave from there and Rajjo stands there looking at both of them.

Just then Mukund comes in between Arjun and Urvashi and separates them and tells them that Pankhuri has decided on games for all the couples and says that he and Swara will win today's game.

Mukund then takes both Arjun and Urvashi along with them and seeing this, Rajjo becomes happy and says that Mukund should always keep coming in between Arjun and Urvashi like this.

Urvashi goes and sits with the family members, while Rajjo who is watching all this from afar, says Arjun should not sit beside Urvashi.

While Urvashi sees Rajjo getting jealous and hence signals Arjun to sit next to her. Arjun goes and sits next to Urvashi and Urvashi gives a smirk at Rajjo.

Rajjo does not like this and says, she does not care as she has made a big plan to throw Urvashi out of the Thakur mansion and then she leaves there.

Then Rajjo hears the conversation of the moneylenders who are sitting in a room and talking about recovering the money that Urvashi and her family have taken from the Thakur family.

Back at the family function, Mukund tells Swara that today they will win the couples game, as he loves her. Hearing this Swara gets stunned, but Mukund's intention is to rule the Thakur Mansion.

Then the game is about to start when Rajjo also comes there for cleaning the showpieces and to keep a watch on Urvashi. Both Rajjo and Arjun look at each other and Madhu see this.

Madhu becomes angry and asks Rajjo to bring a pen and paper for everyone as they would be playing the game. Rajjo brings a pen and paper and gives them to everyone.

Everyone is asked to write about their partner's favourite food, colour and celebrity. Then the game starts and after the time is over, Madhu shares correctly Pratap's favourite food, colour and celebrity.

Then Pratap also correctly tells Madhu's likes and all the family members get happy for them and for their love for each other.

After them, Jhilmil shares the likes of Kartik but a couple of things get incorrect and they lose.

Now, it's Mukund and Swara's turn, Mukund says his likes shared by Swara are all correct and then he shares Swara's likes, and Swara also confirms they are correct.

But Arjun says Swara likes Green colour as they always bring green colour stuff for her and Mukund has said Red is her favourite.

At this Kalindi also says that Salman used to be her favourite hero, right now it's Ranveer Singh, as she herself has told her. The family members tease both Mukund and Swara for cheating.

Now the final turn comes for Arjun and Urvashi and Madhu is confident that they will win, as their love is great like her and her husband, while Rajjo looks on at Arjun.

Episode Ends!

Rajjo Upcoming Episode New Promo:-

In the upcoming episode, Rajjo goes to her room and sees a warning written on the wall by Urvashi.

Just then Urvashi comes there and threatens Rajjo, in reply Rajjo tells her that she will expose her and tell the truth to the Thakur Family about her fake Uncles (moneylenders).

But Urvashi remains unaffected by Rajjo's threat and tells her that, tonight will be the worst night for Rajjo.

On the other side, Arjun is seen standing in front of a mirror that has caught fire.

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