Rajjo 22nd October 2022 Written Update: Rajjo recognizes Pushkar's shoes


Rajjo 22nd October 2022 Written Update: Rajjo recognizes Pushkar's shoes


At the start of today's episode, we see Rajjo telling the unconscious Manorama about her new job of distributing milk and newspapers.

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Rajjo plans to expose Urvashi, while Urvashi plans to kill Rajjo

Rajjo further says that her owner gave her a one-month salary in advance after learning about her health.

Rajjo also says that running isn’t bad. She got a job and money to pay the hospital bill while she got a medal.

On the other side, Pushkar, who is hiding behind the green curtain, hears this. 

At Thakur’s mansion, Urvashi is about to tell Badru the instructions given by Pushkar to kill Rajjo. But she stops seeing the moneylenders there and asks them what they’re doing here.

Urvashi tells that they shouldn’t have come here. Just then Madhu calls out to Urvashi and she stands shocked.

Back at the hospital, Rajjo tells Manorama that a man praised her running skills and advised her to join the sports academy of Lucknow.

Rajjo says that it proves that running is good. She asks Manorama when she will come to consciousness, as she wants to ask her a lot of things.

Rajjo then asks who hit her with the black car and just then she notices black shoes behind the curtains.

Back at the Thakur Mansion, Urvashi lies to Madhu that they’re her uncles and they have come from Dubai to surprise her.

On the other side, Rajjo moves the curtain away and then turns around to look at Manorama, hearing a beeping sound.

Pushkar quickly uses this opportunity to escape leaving his shoes there. Rajjo finds only the shoes and she recognizes the shoes to be Pushkar’s as she did its polishing.

Rajjo wonders why he has come here again. She grows suspicious and is determined to find the truth.

Meanwhile, Pushkar thinks of getting rid of Rajjo by tonight. 

At Thakur’s mansion, Madhu and Jhilmil are seen doing a discussion,  they are scared that Urvashi's uncles will learn about Arjun and Rajjo’s namesake wedding and the whole city will know this.

Then Arjun returns home and greets the moneylenders and goes inside.

At this Madhu asks Urvashi why she didn’t introduce Arjun to her uncles. Urvashi says that she thought Arjun must be tired, so she will introduce him to them later. 

Arjun goes to Chirag and indirectly tries to know if Rajjo is at home. Chirag says that she’s not at home.

While Madhu asks Urvashi why she didn’t tell them about her uncles. She assumes that they’re not on good terms with Urvashi’s family because of their way of behaving.

Madhu asks Urvashi what the matter is. Urvashi lies that they’re angry after learning what happened on the wedding day. She says that’s why she didn’t introduce Arjun to them.

Madhu folds her hands in front of them and assures them that Urvashi will be their daughter-in-law.

Just then, Rajjo returns home, seeing this Madhu asks Urvashi to take them to the guest room.

Rajjo sees the man and recognizes him since she saw him with Urvashi and his dad at the bus stand. She wonders what the moneylender is doing here.

Rajjo wonders whether Urvashi called them to rob Arjun and his family and then tells herself that she should be alert. 

Then Madhu calls out to Rajjo and questions her about leaving the household in between on the day of Karwa Chauth. Rajjo assures her to do the inside and outside work.

Hearing this Madhu asks what outside work is. Rajjo says that she took the trash outside to throw it in the garbage truck.

Arjun hears this and thinks that Rajjo is lying again. Madhu says that Rajjo should do all the work as this house’s daughter-in-law won’t do any work. 

Later, Rajjo tells Kalindi that Urvashi brought the moneylenders inside the house as her uncle. Kalindi says that this is a good chance to expose her.

Kalindi says that they should find out why Urvashi called them here. Kalindi further says that they have to keep an eye on them and Rajjo agrees.

Then we see Urvashi talking with the moneylenders and assuring them that she will become Arjun’s wife. Rajjo is pretending to sweep in front of Urvashi’s room to overhear their talk and sees this hiding.

Urvashi receives a message and then tells the moneylenders that she has to go to the hall to play a game.

Rajjo can’t hear anything except the game. She asks Chirag about the game and he explains it to her. Just then Rajjo receives Nangu Kaka’s call and he says that he needs money to buy Manorama’s medicine.

Rajjo assures him to bring money at any cost the next day. Arjun overhears this.

Arjun confronts Rajjo about lying to Madhu and receiving money from a stranger standing on the road. He asks how she will arrange money as she said on the phone call and then asks what her plan is.

Episode Ends!

Rajjo Upcoming Episode New Promo:-

In the upcoming episode, Rajjo says that Arjun doesn’t accept her as his wife, but she has to keep fasting for him for his safety.

Then Arjun offers Rajjo water to break her fast, but Rajjo refuses. At this Arjun asks Rajjo why she is doing drama when there’s no relationship between them.

Rajjo counter-questions him as to why he cares about her.

Then Arjun asks Rajjo to break her fast, Rajjo replies that if he breaks her fast he will be called his husband for real, hearing this Arjun looks stunned.

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