Rajjo 21st October 2022 Written Update: Pushkar involves Urvashi in his plan to kill Rajjo


Rajjo 21st October 2022 Written Update: Pushkar involves Urvashi in his plan to kill Rajjo


At the start of the episode, we see Arjun feeling bad that Rajjo is sleeping in front of his room. He goes to Rajjo and asks her to sleep in a guest room.

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Rajjo recognizes Pushkar's shoes

But Rajjo asks why he bothers about her. Arjun says that he wants to increase the distance between them.

Rajjo says that it won’t be possible and she won’t move from here. She would guard him even while sleeping.

At this Arjun hits the hand on the door, frustrated. He goes inside the room and lays on his bed and falls asleep.

Then Rajjo also lies on the floor in front of Arjun’s room, but she remains awake.

On the other side, Urvashi’s mother calls Urvashi and shouts at her for not answering the call. She says that the moneylenders are behind them and threatening them.

She asks Urvashi to use her brain to get Arjun’s property as that is their target. Urvashi gets angry and shouts at her mother.

Then Urvashi’s mother threatens to send the moneylenders to Thakur’s mansion. Urvashi apologizes to her and says that she vented someone’s anger at her.

Urvashi’s mother asks her to use her anger as her weapon. She reminds her that the next day is Karwa Chauth. She asks Urvashi to do something to get Arjun and his property.

Urvashi says that she’s trying to do it, but Rajjo is always coming in her way. Urvashi’s mother asks her to find a way to throw Rajjo out of the house during the Karwa Chauth celebration.

In the early morning, Arjun wakes up hearing an alarm sound. Rajjo turns off the alarm and leaves. Arjun peeps outside the room and finds that Rajjo has left.

On the other side, Madhu is preparing Sargi for the Karwa Chauth. Madhu says that her dream of preparing the first Sargi for Arjun’s wife hasn’t been realized.

At this Kalindi taunts her that she can still prepare Sargi for Rajjo. Madhu scolds Kalindi and says that she will give Sargi to Arjun’s real wife.

Just then, Urvashi comes there and asks, if she was referring to her. Madhu nods yes. Urvashi asks Madhu’s permission to keep fasting for Arjun and Madhu happily agrees.

While Rajjo passes by that side and she sees Madhu feeding the Sargi to Urvashi and blessing Urvashi for her first Karwa Chauth. Madhu calls out to Rajjo and asks her to take the plates and Rajjo obliges.

Then Rajjo also decides to keep fast for Arjun. She eats the leftover food from the plate to complete the Sargi ritual.

Rajjo says to herself that she fulfilled her duty towards Arjun, now, she has to fulfil her duty towards Manorama and then she leaves.

Rajjo is shown running fast and distributing newspapers. A man spots Rajjo running fast a couple of times and then goes towards her to talk to her.

He advises Rajjo to make running her career and then he gives her a sports academy visiting card and asks Rajjo to register there.

Rajjo says that a lot of money is needed for that. He says that she can get sponsors and explains to her what it is.

However, Rajjo says that she doesn’t have time as she has her mother and Arjun’s responsibility.

Later Arjun is driving the car and suddenly he stops the car after seeing Rajjo receiving money from a man and misunderstands Rajjo for a gold digger.

While Rajjo is glad to receive her first salary. The man praises Rajjo’s hard work and says that he gave her an advance since she needs money for her mother’s treatment.

On the other side, Urvashi is on a call with Pushkar. Pushkar says that he has sent his one man, Badru, among the men who have come to decorate the house for the Karwa Chauth celebration.

Urvashi recognizes that man, and then Pushkar tells her his plan to kill Rajjo during the Karwa Chauth function using Badru.

Urvashi refuses to be part of his plan as it’s dangerous for her and asks him to do it alone. Pushkar warns her that they’re partners in crimes, so she can’t back off now.

Later, Pushkar visits Manorama in the hospital and says to the unconscious Manorama that he will increase the hospital bill so that Rajjo won’t be able to pay it and Rajjo takes her directly to the crematory.

Just then Pushkar hears Rajjo’s voice and hides behind a curtain, while Rajjo notices shoes behind the curtain and goes to check them.

Episode Ends!

Rajjo Upcoming Episode New Promo:-

In the upcoming episode, Rajjo says that Arjun doesn’t accept her as his wife, but she has to keep fasting for him for his safety.

Then Arjun offers Rajjo water to break her fast, but Rajjo refuses. At this Arjun asks Rajjo why she is doing drama when there’s no relationship between them.

Rajjo counter-questions him as to why he cares about her.

Then Arjun asks Rajjo to break her fast, Rajjo replies that if he breaks her fast he will be called his husband for real, hearing this Arjun looks stunned.

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