Rajjo 20th October 2022 Written Update: Urvashi slaps Rajjo; Rajjo takes her revenge


Rajjo 20th October 2022 Written Update: Urvashi slaps Rajjo; Rajjo takes her revenge


At the start of today's episode, we see Rajjo saying to Pushkar that a black car hit Manorama, but the police say that it’s difficult to find it as there are many black cars.

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Pushkar involves Urvashi in his plan to kill Rajjo

Pushkar becomes happy and says that the culprit can’t be found just with the car’s colour.

At this Rajjo replies that God will expose him and that day she will blacken his face with shoe polish. She further tells Pushkar that Manorama will soon come out of the coma and will give a description of the driver of the black car.

Hearing this Pushkar grows anxious and quickly leaves from there.

Later, we see Arjun working, sitting at his desk and he moves his rolling chair backwards. Just then the chair hits Rajjo, who is taking the folded clothes.

Rajjo stumbles and lands on Arjun’s lap and they both share an eye lock. Just then Urvashi sees them and becomes furious and angrily yells, which brings Arjun and Rajjo to reality.

Arjun asks Rajjo to get up, but Rajjo is unable to move, so Arjun forcibly makes her stand and moves away.

Urvashi asks Arjun what Rajjo is doing in his room, sitting on his lap. Arjun says that it was an accident. Urvashi replies that she trusts Arjun, but she can’t trust Rajjo.

Arjun asks Rajjo to leave his room, while Urvashi asks Rajjo if she didn’t hear what Arjun said.

To tease Urvashi, Rajjo fakes yawning and lays down on the couch, refusing to leave the room and then she pretends to snore. Seeing this Arjun walks out of the room.

On the other side, Swara advises Kalindi to be on Madhu’s side as she is hurt by all the recent happenings. Kalindi says that Madhu asks her not to do anything.

So Swara tells Kalindi to try so that her relationship with Madhu can improve and she will think about Kalindi and her rights in this house.

Jhilmil hears this and thinks how stupid Swara is. While Kalindi thinks that she should make her position strong in this house before Urvashi does the same.

Back in Arjun's room, Urvashi insults Rajjo and says that Arjun will never love her as Rajjo isn’t the type of girl that he likes. She says that Arjun likes a girl who is equal to him in all aspects, like her.

Rajjo tells Urvashi that she has a misconception about herself. She says that Urvashi is a fraud and that her true face will come in front of Arjun the day she will expose her with proof and then they argue.

Urvashi speaks ill of Rajjo, while Rajjo gives her an apt reply and insults her, which makes Urvashi furious at Rajjo and in anger she slaps Rajjo.

Urvashi says that she will be behind Arjun till she gets Arjun, and then she will fulfil all her intentions after becoming his wife. She warns Rajjo not to interfere in her way, or else she will destroy her.

Urvashi further says that she will show a glimpse of it tonight and then she leaves. While Rajjo wonders if everyone in this house is blind, why can’t they all see Urvashi’s true face?

Kalindi who has heard their conversation enters Arjun's room and offers Rajjo to join hands with her to expose Urvashi and save Arjun and the family from Rajjo.

Kalindi thinks that Urvashi can expose her truth to the family, so she needs to expel her from this house. Rajjo thinks that she also wanted to expel her from the house, but hesitates to trust Kalindi.

Meanwhile, Pushkar offers Urvashi to join hands with him against Rajjo, as he doesn’t want a girl like Rajjo to be a competition for his daughter in this house.

Rajjo joins hands with Kalindi against Urvashi, while Urvashi teams up with Pushkar. Then Urvashi thinks of teaching a lesson to Rajjo tonight.

Back in Arjun's room, Kalindi advises Rajjo to make Urvashi angry so that she makes any mistake and gets exposed.

On the other side, Jhilmil tells Mukund to convince Arjun to join the family business.

Rajjo takes her revenge on Urvashi:

Later at night, Arjun gets ready to sleep and is glad that he didn’t let Rajjo inside his room. Just then Urvashi goes to Arjun’s room and stumbles on something and falls flat on the floor.

Arjun hears Urvashi’s scream and quickly comes out and finds Urvashi has fallen on the floor, while Rajjo is also lying in front of his bedroom door.

Rajjo taunts Urvashi if she also got hurt at the same place on her face,  where Rajjo was also slapped by her. Hearing this Urvashi becomes angry, but is unable to say anything.

Then Urvashi complains to Arjun that Rajjo is lying in front of his room and that's why she fell. So Arjun asks Rajjo why she’s sleeping in front of his room.

At this Rajjo replies that she is sleeping there for his protection and no one can cross her or move her from her.

Urvashi angrily walks away while a furious Arjun goes inside the room and closes the door, while Rajjo smiles thinking she failed Urvashi's evil plan and took her revenge as well.

Episode Ends!

Rajjo Upcoming Episode New Promo:-

In the upcoming episode, Rajjo says that Arjun doesn’t accept her as his wife, but she has to keep fasting for him for his safety.

Then Arjun offers Rajjo water to break her fast, but Rajjo refuses. At this Arjun asks Rajjo why she is doing drama when there’s no relationship between them.

Rajjo counter-questions him as to why he cares about her.

Then Arjun asks Rajjo to break her fast, Rajjo replies that if he breaks her fast he will be called his husband for real, hearing this Arjun looks stunned.

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