Rajjo 19th October 2022 Written Update: Rajjo keeps Karva Chauth fast for Arjun; Arjun offers Rajjo water to break her fast


Rajjo 19th October 2022 Written Update: Rajjo keeps Karva Chauth fast for Arjun; Arjun offers Rajjo water to break her fast


At the start of today's episode, we see Madhu insulting Rajjo, while Rajjo gives her a befitting reply which angers Madhu and Urvashi.

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Then they both instigate Arjun against Rajjo and a furious Arjun goes to Rajjo and holds Rajjo’s hand and drags him closer to him and then he rebukes Rajjo.

Arjun further mocks Rajjo, saying that she needed his help to find Manorama, and he helped her. Then he says how wealthy he is and taunts her that he doesn’t need help from people like Rajjo.

While Rajjo reminds Arjun that poor labourers work for rich people. 

At this Arjun says that they get paid for their work. So, Rajjo replies that they’re helpless.

Then Arjun says that Rajjo isn’t helpless to agree to become his housemaid. Rajjo says that Arjun is furious that she’s ready to become his housemaid, but not ready to leave him.

Arjun says that he wants to get rid of her at any cost. Rajjo says that there’s no cost to her loyalty. Arjun asks Rajjo, who betrayed him, not to speak about loyalty.

But Rajjo is adamant about helping and protecting Arjun and refuses to leave the house. She says that Arjun saved her from Vicky, and she will save him from Urvashi, and then Arjun drags Rajjo to his family.

Arjun rings a bell and then declares Rajjo as their new housemaid. He asks his family to ring the bell and make her dance to their tune.

Later, Madhu gives a long list to Rajjo and asks her to start doing the household work, while Urvashi and Jhilmil smirk at Rajjo.

Then, Rajjo does all the work, while Madhu, Urvashi and Jhilmil watch this smiling. Jhilmil deliberately troubles Rajjo.

Later, Rajjo washes the car and she pours soap water over Arjun’s car windshield and washes it when Arjun is sitting inside. She notices the time on Arjun’s watch while cleaning the car side window.

Rajjo remembers that she has to go to the hospital to meet Manorama. She runs from there, leaving the work unfinished, which angers Arjun.

Rajjo reaches the hospital by running. She’s sweating and breathing heavily. While Nangu asks Rajjo about her condition.

Then he complains that, despite being rich, the Thakurs didn’t give their car to Rajjo to reach the hospital to see her unwell mother.

Rajjo says that she wanted to practice her running and adds that she didn’t tell Arjun or his family about Manorama’s accident since they wouldn’t believe her.

Then Rajjo talks to Manorama and says how much she misses her, they then go to see the doctor.

At Thakur’s mansion, Madhu rings the bell and wonders where Rajjo is. Jhilmil says that maybe Rajjo ran away getting scared of the household work.

At this Madhu mocks Rajjo, while Urvashi smiles.

Back at the hospital, as Rajjo is getting late, she tells Nangu to talk to the doctor and then she notices Pushkar talking with the doctor and wonders what he is doing here.

Nangu asks if he knows him and Rajjo nods yes. Nangu says that he came to see Manorama. Rajjo wonders how Pushkar knows Manorama is here and how he knows her.

At the Thakur Mansion, Madhu questions Rajjo about where she had gone. Rajjo says that she has gone for some work and says that she went after completing all the work given on her list and asks to check it.

But to humiliate Rajjo, Madhu asks her to clean the shoes of the Thakur's men and Rajjo obliges.

But Chirag refuses to give his shoes to Rajjo to clean them. Pushkar arrives there and orders Rajjo to clean his shoes and Rajjo obeys.

Meanwhile, Chirag asks Arjun what he is doing, he says that their family members are treating Rajjo badly and asks him how they can do this.

Chirag says that Arjun wasn’t like that and asks him to reconsider his decision.

On the other side, Rajjo asks Pushkar why he went to see her mother. Hearing this Pushkar says that he is the sponsor of that hospital and asks what happened to her mother.

Rajjo says that she met with an accident, while Pushkar passes a mocking comment and asks her if he knows who hit her with the car.

Rajjo replies that she doesn’t know, but she knows one thing, hearing this Pushkar gets shocked.

Episode Ends!

Rajjo Upcoming Episode New Promo:-

In the upcoming episode, Rajjo says that Arjun doesn’t accept her as his wife, but she has to keep fasting for him for his safety.

Then Arjun offers Rajjo water to break her fast, but Rajjo refuses. At this Arjun asks Rajjo why she is doing drama when there’s no relationship between them.

Rajjo counter-questions him as to why he cares about her.

Then Arjun asks Rajjo to break her fast, Rajjo replies that if he breaks her fast he will be called his husband for real, hearing this Arjun looks stunned.

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