Rajjo 18th October 2022 Written Update: Arjun and Thakur family insults Rajjo


Rajjo 18th October 2022 Written Update: Arjun and Thakur family insults Rajjo


At the start of today's episode, we see Urvashi saying to Arjun and Madhu that she’s ready to pretend to be Arjun’s wife in front of his friends and Madhu agrees with Urvashi’s idea.

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Then Chirag asks Arjun why he is looking upset if he doesn’t like the idea, at this Madhu asks Arjun if that’s the case.

Arjun says that he and his family have already been punished for lying and refuses to say one more lie.

Madhu says that it’s not a lie, since Arjun is going to marry Urvashi sooner or later. She says that she will help Urvashi to get ready and will give her the nuptial chain and the vermillion to which she has the right.

At the hospital, Rajjo asks a man to give her some work so that she can earn money to pay her mom’s hospital charges.

The man says that he only has the work of delivering milk and the newspapers in the morning. He hesitates to give her work, stating that she’s a girl and it’s the toughest work for her.

Rajjo begs him to give her a chance and assures him that she will deliver them on time.

The man agrees and asks her to come the next morning on time. Rajjo agrees and asks him to fire her if she doesn’t arrive on time.

At the Thakur Mansion, Arjun’s friends meet Arjun and they ask him where his wife is. Just then, Urvashi arrives there decked up. Madhu says that she’s there pointing at Urvashi.

Just then Rajjo emerges from behind Urvashi and the Thakur family is shocked to see Rajjo. Arjun’s friends hand Urvashi the flower bouquet and congratulate her on the wedding.

The family urges Arjun’s friends to eat something and Arjun’s friends agree. They think of Rajjo as the maid of the house. They ask her to make tea for them and Shahi Tukda.

Madhu confirms that Rajjo is their maid and orders Rajjo to bring the tea and Shahi Tukda.

In the kitchen, Swara offers help to Rajjo and Rajjo thanks Swara. Swara says that she’s helping her for her family’s sake. Rajjo asks Swara to trust her.

But Swara refuses and says that her husband is right and that she doesn’t know how to recognize people’s reality. She regrets liking Rajjo in the beginning.

Then Swara prepares the tea and heats the Shahi Tukda. Rajjo watches everything closely and learns.

Rajjo brings the tea and Shahi Tukda, and then Madhu asks Rajjo to serve the tea to everyone. Arjun serves it himself and asks everyone to do the same.

Then Arjun’s friends click a selfie with Arjun and his family. While Rajjo watches this sadly. Urvashi tries to click a selfie with Arjun, but he walks away. Rajjo gives Urvashi a mocking smile while Urvashi fumes in anger.

In the hospital, Pushkar goes to Manorama, who is in a coma when Nangu goes out to get water. Pushkar talks to Manorama and threatens her to harm Rajjo if he gets exposed.

Pushkar removes Manorama's oxygen mask for a while then puts it back ad leaves. Nangu sees Pushkar leaving Manorama’s room and wonders who he is.

At the Thakur mansion, Madhu and Jhilmil mock Rajjo for being introduced as the maid in front of Arjun’s friends and then they insult Rajjo.

Episode Ends!

In the upcoming episode, Rajjo says to Arjun that no matter how he treats her, she won’t leave the house and will stand by him.

Arjun drags Rajjo to his family and introduces her as their house’s new maid.

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