Rajjo 17th October 2022 Written Update: Rajjo throws Urvashi out of Arjun's room


Rajjo 17th October 2022 Written Update: Rajjo throws Urvashi out of Arjun's room


At the start of today's episode, Arjun gets furious at Rajjo’s condition to send Urvashi out of the Thakur Niwas.

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While Chirag calms Arjun down and tries to persuade him to agree to Rajjo’s condition. But Arjun firmly refuses to accept Rajjo’s condition and says that Rajjo has to leave the house, not Urvashi.

Arjun angrily walks away, while the family members and Rajjo also leave. Urvashi says that Rajjo has hurt her ego and then she vows to make Arjun hers at any cost. 

On the other side, Pushkar is shocked when his son informs him that Rajjo has returned to Thakur’s mansion.

Pushkar thinks that Manorama told Rajjo about him and she has gone to Thakur’s mansion to expose him. He gets scared and thinks of finding out why she has returned there.

On the other hand, Urvashi is furious that Rajjo wants to throw her out of the house. She goes to Arjun’s room and starts to decorate the room to give a romantic surprise to Arjun.

But Rajjo fails her plan and mocks Urvashi. Just then Arjun comes out of the washroom.

Rajjo asks Urvashi to get out of her and her husband’s room. She threatens to create a scene if she doesn’t leave.

Urvashi fumes in a rage and walks out. Arjun slips and Rajjo tries to help and they both fall.

Then Arjun gets up and asks Rajjo to get out of his room. Rajjo says that she was ready to agree to his conditions, but he didn’t agree to her condition.

Then Rajjo reminds him how she entered his room and hid before, while Arjun gets annoyed and asks her to shut up and asks her to get out.

But Rajjo gets on the bed and refuses to leave. At this Arjun also gets on the bed and asks her again to get out.

Then Rajjo brings a ladder and gets on it and sits above the cupboard. She asks him to oust her now. Arjun gets irritated by Rajjo’s action and is about to leave his room.

At this time Rajjo stops him and says that he is bare chest. Arjun wears a T-shirt and picks up the pillow and is about to leave.

But Rajjo stops him and asks why he is going to the balcony. Arjun says that he doesn’t want to sleep with Rajjo in the same room. As he has already made that mistake and is paying for that till now. 

Later, Rajjo sees Arjun sleeping, sitting on a chair but having difficulty sleeping in that position. Rajjo covers him with a blanket and places his leg over a stool chair.

In the morning, Madhu finds Arjun sleeping on the balcony and asks why he was sleeping there. Arjun says that Rajjo took possession of his room.

Madhu asks where she’s, while Arjun looks for Rajjo in the room and doesn’t find her.

Madhu says that Rajjo would have gone to spend the money that she robbed him of.

Just then, Arjun receives his friend, Shikar’s call. Shikar apologizes for not being able to attend his wedding. He says that he and Harish are on the way to his house to meet Arjun’s wife.

Arjun tells the same to Madhu and both grow anxious about Arjun’s friends learning about Arjun and Rajjo’s namesake wedding. 

On the other side, Rajjo meets an unconscious Manorama in the hospital and asks why Manorama is still unconscious. She is shocked when the doctor tells her that Manorama has gone into a coma.

Pushkar, who has followed Rajjo, hears this and is happy and he thinks of keeping an eye on Manorama.

The doctor tells Rajjo that she has to pay to keep Manorama in the hospital and take care of her.

Nangu Kaka worries about how to pay the hospital bill, while Rajjo says that she will handle this and promises Manorama the same. 

At Thakur’s mansion, Madhu refuses to give Rajjo the status of Arjun’s wife in front of the world and Arjun agrees with her. Then Chirag advises Arjun to tell his friends the truth, but Madhu refuses.

Then Prathap asks if anyone has a better solution. Just then Urvashi comes forward and says that she has a solution and says that she is ready to act as Arjun’s wife in front of his friends. 

Episode Ends!

In the upcoming episode, Arjun tells the family to meet their new servant, Rajjo.

Then Arjun’s friends ask Arjun where his wife is. Madhu says she’s there by pointing towards Urvashi, while Rajjo is standing behind Urvashi.

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