Rajjo 16th October 2022 Written Update: Arjun calls Rajjo servant; Rajjo's shocking condition


Rajjo 16th October 2022 Written Update: Arjun calls Rajjo servant; Rajjo's shocking condition


In the upcoming episode, we see the Thakur ladies planning to torture Rajjo to force her to leave the house. Hearing this Chirag scolds them and Mukund says that Rajjo will send them to jail.

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Rajjo throws Urvashi out of Arjun's room


On the other side, Urvashi tells Rajjo that she can never expose her truth to Arjun. At this Rajjo lies that Arjun is standing behind Urvashi and Urvashi panics.

Rajjo mocks Urvashi and says that she’s not scared of anything as the truth is with her, but Urvashi is scared of getting exposed at any time. Rajjo asks Urvashi to enjoy the comforts as she will go to jail soon.

While Jhilmil says that she isn’t scared of going to jail and says that she will handle Rajjo in her own way.

Madhu says to Jhilmil that Rajjo has nothing to lose while they have everything. So, she asks her to let Rajjo stay in this house as an old object.

Madhu asks them not to keep any relationship with Rajjo or perform any post-wedding rituals. She asks everyone to tolerate Rajjo for a while.

Just then, Rajjo arrives there and Madhu asks what she wants. Rajjo says that she wants to talk to Arjun alone, which angers Madhu.

Arjun and Rajjo go aside. Arjun says to Rajjo that she can threaten him to stay with her under the same roof, but they’re not together. He warns her not to enter his room and refuses to do what she wants.

Arjun further says that he is playing her game according to his wishes and his rules. He asks her what she wants to say.

Rajjo says that in her village, they used to fix the rules of the game before playing it. She asks him to fix the rules for their game too so that they don’t have any complaints about each other.

Rajjo then asks Arjun to write down the rules and the boundaries that the other person shouldn’t break or cross.

Arjun stops Rajjo from entering his room to sleep, while Rajjo replies that she has her own room and then she goes to the storeroom.

In the storeroom, Rajjo lights Diyas and says that she is doing this ritual not to claim her rights over Arjun, but to save him. She prays to God for Arjun’s safety.

Then Rajjo calls Nangu Chacha and asks about Manorama's health. While Nangu says that Manorama is still unconscious and is worried about how Rajjo faces the Thakurs alone.

Rajjo refuses to give up as her mother had asked her and also vows to expose Urvashi.

On the other side, Kalindi meets Urvashi and expresses her fake concern about Urvashi’s wedding being cancelled.

While Urvashi says that Kalindi has come to make sure that her secret about Rocky is safe.

Then Urvashi says that Kalindi doesn’t have any secrets, so she warns her not to anger her by taunting her and then she sends her away.

While we see Rajjo and Arjun writing down on a paper their conditions for each other.

Later, the family is gathered in the hall and Rajjo asks Arjun to tell her his condition first. Arjun says to Rajjo that they are strangers in front of outsiders and Rajjo agrees.

Arjun then says that Rajjo should not enter his room and Rajjo agrees. Arjun says that Rajjo shouldn’t roam around him and waste his time and Rajjo agrees.

Arjun says that Rajjo doesn’t have any rights over their property or over him and Rajjo agrees. Arjun says that Rajjo should stay away from his family and Rajjo agrees.

Rajjo stops Arjun from saying his other conditions and says that she will accept all his conditions.

Arjun asks Rajjo to tell him about her condition. Rajjo says that she has only one condition: Urvashi shouldn’t stay in this house hereafter, which shocks everyone.

Madhu refuses to send Urvashi out, at this Rajjo also refuses to accept Arjun’s conditions and tears up the paper. Seeing this Arjun gets angry and asks her how she dared to do this.

Episode Ends!

In the upcoming episode, Arjun tells Madhu that his friends are coming to see his wife. Madhu refuses to introduce Rajjo as Arjun’s wife to the world.

While Prathap says that they don’t have any other option. Urvashi says that she has a solution.

Then Arjun asks them to meet their house’s new servant Rajjo. Arjun’s friends ask Arjun about his wife, so Madhu pointings at Urvashi.

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