Rajjo 14th October 2022 Written Update: Rajjo adamant to stay at Thakur Mansion as Arjun's wife


Rajjo 14th October 2022 Written Update: Rajjo adamant to stay at Thakur Mansion as Arjun's wife


At the start of today's episode, we see Manorama showing Pushkar his real place.

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Manorama further says that she stopped Rajjo from dreaming and from running, as she was scared that Rajjo would meet someone like Pushkar, but that was a mistake.

Manorama with confidence says that Rajjo’s fate isn’t like hers, she will never get someone like him. She also says that she prays that Rajjo gets someone like Arjun.

Manorama threatens Pushkar to first expose him to Rajjo, and then to the Thakurs and his whole family. She vows to take revenge on Pushkar for attacking Rajjo.

Manorama asks him to be ready to face humiliation since she and Rajjo are going to expose him and Urvashi. She then walks away, while Rajjo reaches there and calls out to Manorama.

Just then, a car hits Manorama and she gets severely injured as her head hits a stone. Rajjo rushes to her mom and places Manorama’s bleeding head on her lap.

Rajjo then shouts for help, while Manorama tells Rajjo that she was right. She asks Rajjo not to fear and to fight for her rights.

Then Manorama becomes unconscious, some people gather there and Rajjo asks them to help her.

On the other side, Chirag finds Arjun sitting in the washroom with his bleeding knuckles. Chirag takes a towel and tries to wipe his blood off.

Arjun stops Chirag and says that this pain is nothing compared to the pain Rajjo gave him.

Chirag says that he saw him writing the cheque. He asks if he really thinks that Rajjo is interested in his money. Arjun replies yes.

Chirag says that if she was like that, she would have trapped him in her love, she would have defamed him by revealing sharing the room with him and could have got a big sum from him.

Chirag then reminds Arjun that he said that she fought with him against Vicky. Chirag says that she would have plotted with Vicky against Arjun if she was that type of girl.

Arjun refuses to accept Chirag’s arguments and says that he is hurt because Rajjo broke his self-respect. He says that he can’t forget the allegations that Rajjo made against Urvashi and her family.

At this Chirag agrees with Arjun that Rajjo was wrong to accuse Urvashi and her family, who are a rich family, but… Arjun refuses to listen to any ifs or buts.

Chirag then asks Arjun if Rajjo will come back to end the relationship with him or if she will run away with the cheque.

At this Arjun replies that it will prove that she doesn’t value the relationship if she runs away. He says that he will marry Urvashi in that case, and then their mom will be happy.

Arjun says that there’s only hatred for Rajjo in his heart, which he will keep with full sincerity.

On the other side, Rajjo rushes Manorama to the hospital. The doctor starts to treat Manorama and asks Rajjo to wait outside. Rajjo recalls her moments with her mom and walks away.

At the Thakur Mansion, Urvashi and her parents talk about Rajjo foiling their plan. Urvashi asks her parents to leave the house immediately, which shocks her parents.

Back at the hospital, the inspector asks Rajjo for the details about the car which hit Manorama. Rajjo says that she couldn’t see who drove the car, but it was a black-coloured car.

Then Rajjo tries to think and says that there was a black and white sticker on that car.

The inspector says that it’s hard to find that car as there’s no CCTV camera at that location. But he assures Rajjo to still try and asks her to contact him if she recalls any more details later.

Back at the Thakur Mansion, Urvashi and her parents put up an emotional act in front of the Thakur family and pretend to leave the house.

They hope that someone will stop them and when no one stops them, Urvashi pretends to feel dizzy.

Seeing this Arjun quickly rushes to help Urvashi and requests Urvashi to stay back and the Thakur family also requests the same.

At this Urvashi’s parents agree to let Urvashi stay there, while Arjun promises Urvashi’s mom to take care of Urvashi.

On the other side, Rajjo is shocked when the doctor asks Rajjo to pay Rs. 3.50 lakhs for her mother's operation.

The doctor asks Rajjo to pay the fees soon to save her.

Rajjo recalls Manorama’s words and becomes determined to arrange money for Manorama’s operation. She wonders whom to ask for help, as she can’t seek help from Arjun now.

Episode Ends!

In the upcoming episode, Rajjo tears the blank cheque that Arjun gave her. She refuses to leave his house since she’s his wife.

Then they both write down on paper all the conditions and restrictions that they should follow while living together.

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