Rajjo 13th October 2022 Written Update: Pushkar-Manorama gets into a big fight; Pushkar gets Manorama killed


Rajjo 13th October 2022 Written Update: Pushkar-Manorama gets into a big fight; Pushkar gets Manorama killed


At the start of today's episode, we see Arjun telling his family that he has made a decision regarding Rajjo.

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At this Chirag asks him not to do anything and even Pratap scolds Arjun, blaming his decision to help Rajjo for their humiliation. A sad Arjun promises his father to make everything fine.

Meanwhile, Rajjo tells Manorama over the phone about whatever had happened at the Thakur Mansion. While Manorama says that the Thakurs and Arjun will hate her more after this action.

Rajjo says that she did this to save Arjun and hopes that Arjun and his family will understand her one day.

Rajjo says that she got the opportunity to stay there for some months and says that she will expose the truth to them during that time.

Hearing this Manorama gets worried about how Rajjo will stay among the Thakurs, who hate her.

But Rajjo refuses to let Urvashi ruin Arjun’s life and assures Manorama that she will win. Manorama asks if she can stay without her.

Rajjo says that she wants to cry by hugging her. While Manorama asks her to come to her and Rajjo asks Manorama to come to a location. 

On the other side, we see Arjun recalls Urvashi, Madhu and Pratap’s words and goes to talk to Rajjo.

We see Rajjo looking at the empty wedding mandap and starting to walk out of the house when Arjun stops Rajjo.

At this Rajjo calls him Khaad Babu, hearing this an angry Arjun asks Rajjo to call him Arjun Sir hereafter and shuts her mouth. He says that she looks ugly after revealing her true colours.

Arjun insults Rajjo and says that he has a deal for her which will fulfil all her big dreams and she doesn’t need to find any excuse to stay as his wife every day.

Arjun further says that Rajjo might have done the same to many other men for money and then he offers her a blank cheque to leave him.

This makes Rajjo sad and she looks at Arjun with teary eyes. Arjun forcibly hands her the blank cheque, saying it’s the price for her becoming his bride.

Then Arjun leaves from there and shuts the door in her face. Rajjo becomes sad recalling Arjun’s hurtful words and then she runs to meet Manorama. 

On the other side, Manorama who is waiting for Rajjo gets surprised to see Pushkar there. Pushkar insults Manorama and says that he has come to destroy her completely.

Pushkar then accuses Manorama of trapping Arjun, using Rajjo for money as he threw her out when she tried to trap him years ago.

At this Manorama taunts him that he should be happy that both his daughters are married to the same family.

This makes Pushkar angry and he says that he has nothing to do with Rajjo. At this Manorama asks him then why he is interfering in this matter.

Pushkar replies that Rajjo isn’t safe at the Thakurs’ mansion as Arjun has turned against her and she has no one to save her now. 

At the Thakur Mansion, Arjun goes to his room and sees Rajjo’s scarf. He ties it around his fingers and angrily punches a punching bag, recalling Rajjo’s promise and Rajjo stopping his wedding.

On the other side, Pushkar reveals that Vicky was his pawn, but smuggling is Vicky's own business and even if he had known it earlier, he wouldn’t have stopped him.

This makes Manorama furious and she lashes out at Pushkar. She says that Rajjo is doing right and feels proud of her for fighting for the truth.

Manorama says that she will support Rajjo in this battle and vows to expose Pushkar. While Pushkar insults Manorama and says that Rajjo’s fate is similar to Manorama’s.

Pushkar says that Rajjo can also give birth to an illegal child after staying with Arjun for a few months like Manorama.

Manorama becomes super angry and pushes Pushkar, while Pushkar falls on the piles of sacks.

Back at the Thakurs’ mansion, Arjun talks to Rajjo’s scarf and asks why she betrayed him and he refuses to forgive Rajjo ever and then angrily throws the scarf away. The scarf falls on a candle and the scarf gets burned. 

Episode Ends!

In the upcoming episode, we see Manorama being hit by a car (seems like either Pushkar is driving that car or he is behind this accident).

Manorama's head hits a stone and gets badly injured and seeing this Rajjo gets shocked. While dying Manorama asks Rajjo not to give up.

Later, Arjun regrets trusting Rajjo and then he gives her a cheque. But Rajjo tears the cheque and asks him to make a deal with her.

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