Rajjo 12th October 2022 Written Update: Urvashi's plan is successful; Arjun decides to throw Rajjo out of Thakur Mansion


Rajjo 12th October 2022 Written Update: Urvashi's plan is successful; Arjun decides to throw Rajjo out of Thakur Mansion


At the start of today's episode, we see Urvashi and his family arguing with Arjun for trusting Rajjo and wanting to check the necklace.

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Arjun says that he says that he wants to check the necklace to punish Rajjo.

Arjun asks Urvashi to give him the necklace and asks Madhu to call the jeweller to check it. Urvashi removes her necklace and hands it to Arjun. 

The jeweller checks the necklace and says that it’s original, which shocks Rajjo. Arjun thanks Urvashi for her cooperation and apologizes to her. He makes her wear the necklace.

Urvashi thinks that her dad must have bribed that jeweller to lie. Arjun yells at Rajjo to get out.

Pushkar says that Rajjo is still standing and thinking of finding an excuse to stay back. He calls his friend, who is a police officer.

Then Madhu badmouths Rajjo’s mother’s upbringing. Rajjo asks Madhu not to say anything against her mom.

Rajjo and Arjun look at each other. Arjun thinks that Rajjo should leave to avoid any big trouble. Rajjo refuses to leave since she wants to save Arjun from trouble. 

Manorama grows anxious about Rajjo and regrets sending her there alone. She prays to God to protect her.

At Thakur’s mansion, the police arrest Rajjo and drag her from there. Rajjo thinks of finding any excuse to stay back in order to save Arjun.

Rajjo recalls her friend telling her about sending the video of Arjun marrying Rajjo. Rajjo asks the inspector to leave her. She shows the video of Arjun marrying Rajjo and declaring Rajjo as his wife.

The inspector says that they can’t arrest Rajjo after seeing the video and asks them to sort out their family issues among themselves. If they can’t solve it, then they can come to the police station.

Dadaji says that they can’t ignore Arjun and Rajjo’s wedding since he declared Rajjo as his wife in the video. Pratap says that Arjun said that he had married Rajjo to save her.

Jhilmil’s husband says that Rajjo is Arjun’s wife and the villagers and women’s association will go against them if they throw Rajjo out of the house.

Jhilmil also worries about the media. while Pushkar says that he will handle this and asks them to throw Rajjo out of the house.

Chirag says that they have to accept Rajjo and Arjun’s wedding for the time being. Jhilmil’s husband adds that they should let Rajjo stay in this house as Arjun’s wife for some time.

Arjun thinks that he won’t be able to tolerate Rajjo even for a second and wonders how to bear her for months for his freedom. He thinks it’s unfair.

Rajjo thinks that God did fair with them and hopes Arjun understands her real motive soon.

Madhu refuses to accept that suggestion and rebukes the family for supporting this suggestion. She then blames Rajjo for hurting Arjun and breaking his trust.

Madhu says that Rajjo is a money digger who will refuse to leave Arjun and this house after a few months.

So she refuses to accept Rajjo as Arjun’s wife even for a few months and asks the family to find any other solution.

Madhu begs Rajjo to leave Arjun and take whatever she wants. She is even ready to fall on Rajjo’s feet.

Arjun stops Madhu and glares at Rajjo. Madhu says that Rajjo ruined Arjun and Urvashi’s lives before their wedding. 

Urvashi sheds crocodile tears and runs into her room and locks it. Arjun worries about Urvashi and knocks on the door asking her to open the door.

Urvashi is annoyed that Rajjo spoiled her plan and asks Arjun to leave. Arjun requests Urvashi to open the door. Urvashi blames Rajjo and instigates him against Rajjo.

Arjun promises Urvashi to make Rajjo pay double of what she did with them.

Then Arjun hears Madhu’s crying sound and rushes to Madhu. Arjun tries to calm Madhu down.

Arjun goes to his family, who are discussing finding a solution to this problem, and then says that he has made a decision.

Episode Ends!

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