Rajjo 11th October 2022 Written Update: Rajjo exposes evil Urvashi; Arjun refuses to believe Rajjo


Rajjo 11th October 2022 Written Update: Rajjo exposes evil Urvashi; Arjun refuses to believe Rajjo


At the start of today's episode, we see Arjun asking Rajjo the reason behind her actions, while Rajjo recalls a flashback.

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In her flashback we see, Rajjo spots Urvashi with her dad at the bus stand. Seeing this Rajjo hides and overhears their conversation.

Rajjo is shocked to discover Urvashi’s cunning. Urvashi gives her a necklace that Madhu gave her to her dad to repay his debt.

Urvashi says that she trapped Arjun for his money. She will take Arjun to America after their wedding.

Urvashi tells her dad that she will adjust with Arjun if he repays her parents’ debt and transfers all the property and money to her name.

If he does not do that, Urvashi will get Arjun arrested on the charge of domestic violence, which is severely punished there.

Urvashi further says that she will blackmail Arjun’s family to transfer all their property to her in return for Arjun. Her dad asks if Urvashi can do this as she loves him.

Urvashi says that she wants to take revenge on Arjun for humiliating her by going after Rajjo. She has her whole life to ruin Arjun’s life and gets her revenge. then the flashback ends.

Arjun asks Rajjo to tell him what she wants to say. Arjun’s family berate Rajjo and refuse to believe whatever she is about to say. To everyone’s shock, Arjun requests to talk with Rajjo in private. 

Then Arjun drags Rajjo to his room and asks her what happened. He asks if Vicky or his friends threatened her or her mom.

Arjun says that he understands her and she can’t break her promise without having any compulsion.

Rajjo again recalls a flashback. Rajjo says to Manorama about Urvashi’s plan and wants to go and alert Arjun.

But Manorama stops Rajjo and says that the Thakurs won’t believe her and will insult her as they’re poor.

Manorama says that she has experienced this. She asks Rajjo not to go there. However, Rajjo is confident that Arjun will trust her. She runs from there to meet Arjun and the flashback ends.

Rajjo says that she has come here by her wish. She tells Arjun that she overheard Urvashi's conversation with her dad. She says that Urvashi is marrying Arjun for his money and property.

Urvashi will make Arjun dance to her music after going to America. She further says that if he refuses, she will send him to jail for domestic violence.

Rajjo also says that she gave her necklace to her dad. She says that Urvashi is as evil as Vicky.

Arjun doesn’t believe Rajjo and lashes out at Rajjo for speaking against Urvashi. He says that Urvashi is better than Rajjo in everything and asks her to stay within her limits.

Rajjo recalls her mom’s words about rich people never believing poor people.

Arjun berates Rajjo and refuses to forgive her for what she did. Arjun walks away, while Rajjo cries, but she refuses to give up and vows to expose Urvashi. 

Madhu asks Arjun what he has decided. Arjun says that Rajjo will leave now and forever. Chirag wants to know what the truth is. Arjun says that the truth is that Rajjo’s talks are senseless.

Then Rajjo asks Arjun to check the necklace that Urvashi is wearing. She says that it’s a duplicate and asks to check it for her sake, but Urvashi refuses to get it checked.

Arjun asks Urvashi to give him her necklace. Madhu scolds Arjun for trusting Rajjo, who is a liar.

Then Arjun tells her whatever Rajjo told him about Urvashi’s plan. Urvashi gets shocked and wonders how Rajjo learned about her evil plan. 

Episode Ends!

In the upcoming episode, we see Manorama getting hit by a truck.

Manorama falls on the road badly injured and Rajjo runs towards her mother. Then we see Manorama asks Rajjo to promise her, not to get defeated and then she dies.

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