Rajjo 10th October 2022 Written Update: Madhu slaps Rajjo; Pushkar throws Rajjo out of the Thakur Mansion


Rajjo 10th October 2022 Written Update: Madhu slaps Rajjo; Pushkar throws Rajjo out of the Thakur Mansion


At the start of today's episode, we see Rajjo requesting Arjun to call off his wedding else he will be ruined and go to jail. Urvashi asks Rajjo to shut her mouth and lashes out at her.

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Arjun stops Urvashi and says that he wants to know why Rajjo wants him to call off the wedding. But Madhu stops Arjun and insults Rajjo.

Rajjo says that she just wants to talk to Arjun and tries to talk to Arjun, but Arjun’s family members stand between Rajjo and Arjun. They rebuke Rajjo and call her a money digger and a cheater.

Rajjo says to Arjun not to marry Urvashi, or else he will regret it. This makes Madhu furious at Rajjo and she asks Rajjo to mind her words.

At this Chirag asks everyone to listen to what Rajjo wants to say once. An angry Madhu now asks Chirag to shut his mouth.

Then an angry Madhu slaps Rajjo when Rajjo says that Arjun and Urvashi’s wedding is destruction for Arjun.

After this, a furious Pushkar drags Rajjo out of the Thakur mansion and asks the priest to start to read the wedding mantra. Arjun asks Pushkar not to be harsh towards Rajjo.

But Madhu stops Arjun from showing pity towards Rajjo, while Rajjo keeps on requesting Arjun not to marry Urvashi. Then Pushkar throws Rajjo out of the house and Rajjo falls flat on the ground. 

Then Madhu takes Arjun to the wedding mandap and asks him to perform the holy seven-round ritual (Saath Pehre) and Arjun obliges.

Arjun takes the rounds, looking at Rajjo. While Rajjo gets up and tries to reenter the mansion. Seeing this Pushkar asks some men to close the door.

Rajjo pushes the door and runs to the wedding mandap and tells Arjun that he can’t marry Urvashi since he is already married to her, which shocks everyone.

This time Madhu becomes super furious and asks Rajjo how she dared to say that Arjun married her.

Madhu calls Rajjo a liar and says that she must have married Vicky and now she’s defaming Arjun. She speaks ill of Rajjo’s character and insults her.

At this Arjun tries to stop Madhu, but Madhu silences Arjun and says that Arjun should marry Urvashi in front of Rajjo.

Rajjo says that Arjun cannot marry Urvashi because he is already married to her. Madhu again raises her hand to slap Rajjo, when Arjun says that Rajjo is right, he married her.

Everyone gets stunned by hearing this. Then Arjun says that he filled Rajjo’s hairline with vermillion and put the nuptial chain around her neck.

Hearing this Madhu feels dizzy and is about to fall when Pratap and Chirag hold Madhu. The family asks Arjun how he married Rajjo.

Arjun tells how he married Rajjo to save her from Vicky. He says that this is a namesake marriage and it doesn’t have any importance. He apologizes to his family for hiding this from them.

Urvashi says that Arjun saved Rajjo, but in return, she just humiliated him and his family. Rajjo tells Arjun that he knows that she won’t break her promise without any reason.

Urvashi says that they got to know Rajjo’s true face. She asks to throw Rajjo outside the house as Arjun says that his marriage with Rajjo is fake.

Hearing this Madhu rebukes Rajjo and reminds Arjun of her cautioning him about Rajjo. She says that Rajjo’s true colours came out on Arjun’s wedding day.

Then Arjun recalls Rajjo’s promise not to come between him and Urvashi and asks Rajjo why she broke her promise.

Episode Ends!

In the upcoming episode, we see Manorama getting hit by a truck.

Manorama falls on the road badly injured and Rajjo runs towards her mother. Then we see Manorama asks Rajjo to promise her, not to get defeated and then she dies.

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