Rajjo 9th October 2022 Written Update: Rajjo warns Arjun; gets his marriage cancelled with Urvashi


Rajjo 09th October 2022 Written Update: Rajjo warns Arjun; gets his marriage cancelled with Urvashi


At the start of today's episode, Arjun tells Rajjo that he has to leave now, hearing this Rajjo becomes emotional and tells him - Yes, as you are getting married today.

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Hearing this Arjun stops and inquires Rajjo if she is fine; however, both Arjun and Rajjo can be seen as emotional but both are trying to hide their emotions from one another.

Rajjo replies that she is fine and asks Arjun if he is fine. Arjun also replies that he is fine, but he is unable to look at Rajjo as he starts to get sad.

Seeing this Rajjo asks Arjun not to be sad or feel bad for her. She further says you must be thinking about what would happen to me now. Then Rajjo shows Arjun the mirror in which both can be seen as husband and wife.

It can be seen that it becomes difficult for Arjun to hide his emotions; while, Rajjo is able to control her emotions so that Arjun does not feel bad for her.

They both try to motivate and support each other and then Rajjo tells Arjun that, he would be getting married in real today, so he should not think about their fake marriage.

Then Arjun is about to leave when Rajjo holds his hands and tells him that, she can clearly see that he is worried for her and hence, Rajjo tries to remove the Sindoor and asks Arjun to start his new life.

Rajjo also tells Arjun that, this fake marriage would be between both of them and he can trust her, as she won't ever interfere in his life. At this Arjun says that he does trust her.

After this, Arjun leaves for his home, while Rajjo sits there with tears rolling down her eyes.

At the Thakur Mansion, we see guests coming for Arjun and Urvashi's marriage; while Chirag is seen worried for Arjun as he is unable to contact him.

Back at the police station, Manorama comes and asks an emotional Rajjo about her husband, at this Rajjo replies that Arjun is just his Khaad Babu.

Hearing this Manorama becomes emotional and asks Rajjo about her marriage with Arjun. Rajjo replies that Arjun married her to save her and nothing else. Then Rajjo and Manorama hug each other and both cry.

Later, we see both Rajjo and Manorama at the bus stand waiting for the bus. Then Manorama tells Rajjo to never forgive her for the mistake she had made by selecting Vicky for her.

An emotional Manorama cries her heart out and keeps on blaming herself for spoiling Rajjo's life. At this Rajjo replies that she has not taken any incorrect decision for her.

Rajjo further says, it's a cheater who is wrong and not the one who got cheated and in our case, Vicky was the cheater as his intentions were wrong and not you.

Back at the Thakur mansion, Arjun reaches home, and we see Chirag waiting outside for Arjun. Chirag meets Arjun and inquires if he is fine, Arjun replies that he is fine.

Arjun then asks Chirag if the situation at home is under control; Chirag replies that till now it is under control and says that he is lying to everyone since he was gone and their family members believe that Arjun is still in his room.

Just then their father calls Chirag and both Arjun and Chirag hide behind the car, later Chirag goes inside.

On the other side at the bus stand, Rajjo tells Manorama that, she feels sorry for being unable to repay Arjun for all the help he has done for her.

Rajjo further says that Arjun has always helped her in every possible way and hence, she can never forget what all Arjun has done for her and if she gets a chance to help Arjun, she would definitely help him.

Back at the Thakur Mansion, we see an angry Madhu along with Swara come to Arjun's room and see Chirag standing outside.

Then Madhu asks Chirag where is Arjun and just then Arjun comes out of his room, and everyone becomes happy and they help Arjun get ready for his wedding.

Seeing Arjun in the groom's outfit becomes emotional and asks Chirag to bring Arjun downstairs quickly.

Then Chirag asks Arjun about Rajjo; Arjun replies that she is fine and now she is with her mother. Arjun further says that he wants to close the chapter of Rajjo.

Arjun also says that he wants to now concentrate on his own family and give all the happiness to Urvashi that she deserves. Hearing this Chirag becomes happy and wishes Arjun a happy married life.

On the other side, we see Manorama is seating at the bus stand; while Rajjo has gone to drink water when she sees something and gets shocked.

At the Thakur Mansion, Arjun and Urvashi's wedding rituals being and all the family members look happy. Then Arjun gets ready for the pehras when suddenly Rajjo comes there and asks Arjun to stop.

Seeing Rajjo there all the family members get stunned, while Madhu becomes super furious and warns Rajjo to stop at the doorstep.

Rajjo gets frightened and stops there, but with folded hands requests Arjun to cancel his wedding, or else he would be behind the bars. Hearing this everyone gets shocked and Arjun confronts her.

Episode Ends!

In the upcoming episode, we see Manorama while trying to save someone from getting hit by the truck, she comes in front of the truck and gets hit.

Manorama falls on the road badly injured and Rajjo runs towards her mother. Then we see Manorama asks Rajjo to promise her, not to get defeated and then she dies.

In the end, we see an angry Arjun tells Rajjo that, everyone had warned him not to trust Rajjo and today she has proved all of them right.

To get rid of Rajjo, Arjun signs a cheque and gives Rajjo and asks her to go away from his life. At this Rajjo tears that cheque and tells Arjun that she wants to do one deal with him, while Arjun stands stunned.

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