Rajjo Written Update 07 October 2022: Arjun blamed for kidnapping and smuggling Rajjo, gets beaten by the villagers


Rajjo 7th October 2022 Written Update: Arjun blamed for kidnapping and smuggling Rajjo, gets beaten by the villagers


At the start of today's episode, we see Vicky aiming a gun at Arjun while his friend drags Rajjo towards the car.

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Arjun marries Rajjo to save her; then leaves Rajjo

Vicky admits that he is a smuggler and just then Rajjo pushes Vicky’s friend and Arjun kicks Vicky.

Rajjo runs to Arjun and hugs him and Arjun hugs her back. While Vicky’s friend calls someone.

Arjun and Rajjo break their hug and start to have a silly argument. Vicky uses this opportunity and tries to get the gun that fell near Arjun.

But Arjun stops Vicky and warns him not to approach Rajjo. Arjun and Rajjo trash Vicky and his friend.

Meanwhile, Manorama grows anxious after finding that Rajjo and Vicky are missing.

Chirag calls Arjun, but he doesn’t answer the call. Chirag becomes worried about Arjun and is about to drink alcohol, but Shwara stops him.

On the other side, Manorama notices that Vicky and his friend’s car are also missing. She recalls Arjun’s words about Vicky and panics.

Then Manorama and Vicky’s grandfather go to find Vicky and Rajjo.

We see Arjun beating Vicky while Rajjo hits Vicky’s friend with her slipper. Vicky asks Arjun what he is doing here, leaving his wedding.

Then Vicky picks the gun from the ground, but Arjun snatches it and aims it at Vicky.

Vicky all of a sudden starts acting innocent and asks Arjun to take his bride with him, but asks to spare him. Arjun asks Vicky to stop his drama.

Just then, a group of villagers arrive there. Rajjo tells Arjun that they’re from her village and says that they might have come for their help.

Vicky thinks that they have come to help him. He recalls asking his friends to talk to the villagers and take them on his side to help him if he is in trouble.

A villager hits on Arjun’s hand with a stick and the gun drops from Arjun's hand.

Meanwhile, a man tells Manorama and Vicky’s grandfather about seeing Rajjo. Manorama asks where he saw her and he tells her about the place.

On the other side, the villager’s head accuses Arjun of kidnapping Rajjo, at the gun’s point, which shocks Arjun and Rajjo.

Arjun and Rajjo deny the allegations. Rajjo says that Vicky should be beaten instead.

Vicky says that Rajjo hurt her soon-to-be husband because of a stranger, while Arjun asks Vicky to shut his mouth.

A villager hits Arjun with a stick and he falls down screaming in pain, seeing this Rajjo tries to go near Arjun. But one of the villagers stops her by holding her hand.

At Thakur’s mansion, the family wonders why Arjun hasn’t reached home yet and tries to call him. Swara lies that Arjun has returned home.

As he was scared of getting scolded and his dress became dirty due to his visit to the godown, so he went to his room straight away.

While Kalindi and Pushkar say that they were there and didn’t see Arjun entering the main door. Chirag says that he asked Arjun to enter the house from the backside of the house.

On the other side, Arjun beats the villager who is holding Rajjo’s hand. Rajjo hides behind Arjun.

Taking undue advantage of the villagers, Vicky accuses Arjun of forcibly keeping Rajjo in his room when she had come to Lucknow searching for her mother.

Rajjo shouts that Vicky is lying, but the head of the villager silents her.

Vicky says that he agreed to marry despite knowing that Rajjo and Arjun shared the same room for many days, but Arjun doesn’t leave Rajjo.

Vicky further says that he was going to marry Rajjo and Arjun was also going to get married to her bride, but he left his wedding and came to ruin his wedding by kidnapping Rajjo.

A furious Arjun warns Vicky that he will kill him. While Rajjo says that Vicky should be beaten with slippers.

The head of the villager scolds Rajjo for talking to her soon-to-be husband in this way.

Vicky says that Arjun brainwashed Rajjo by saying that he sells girls after marrying them.

Instead, Vicky accuses Arjun of being a smuggler and of wanting to keep Rajjo as a mistress.

This makes Arjun super furious and tries to hit Vicky, but the villagers hold him. Manorama, Vicky’s grandfather and Rajjo’s friend arrive there and sees this.

Rajjo tells to the villagers that the truth is Vicky kidnapped her to smuggle her. She says that Arjun saved her, or else Vicky would kill her.

Vicky accuses Rajjo of betraying him by teaming up with Arjun.

Arjun asks the villagers to call the police to know the truth.

But the head of the villager had a bad experience with the police, so he refuses to call the police.

Episode Ends!

In the upcoming episode, we will see that Arjun marries Rajjo.

At the end of the promo, we see Arjun is about to put the nuptial chain around Urvashi’s neck at the Thakur mansion, when an angry Rajjo arrives there and stops the wedding, claiming Arjun to be her husband.

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