Rajjo Written Update 06 October 2022: Arjun marries Rajjo, foils Vicky's evil plan


Rajjo 6th October 2022 Written Update: Arjun marries Rajjo, foils Vicky's evil plan


At the start of today's episode, we see Vicky driving off in a car with Rajjo, whose hands are tied, in the back seat, while Vicky’s friend drives off in another car to confuse the police.

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As the cars leave, Arjun and the police arrive there. Arjun notifies the inspector that two cars are leaving and they follow the cars.

Vicky notices Arjun following him in the rear mirror. The cars take two opposite directions.

The police follow Vicky’s friend’s car while Arjun follows Vicky’s car, hoping that Rajjo and Vicky are in that car.

At Thakur’s mansion, Madhu distributes the jewellery sets to the family members. While Swara likes Kalindi’s necklace, so Kalindi gives it to her.

They also wanted to give Sia her jewellery. Swara says that it’s not safe for Sia to wear jewellery in the wedding house as so many guests will come.

Swara's husband asks her to be quiet and let Sia’s parents worry about her. Jhilmil’s husband says that he arranged to Live telecast Arjun and Urvashi’s wedding on a local television channel.

Swara’s husband asks where Arjun is, as there are only two hours left for the wedding. Madhu assures him that Arjun will be ready in time.

On the other side, Rajjo manages to free her hands. She removes her bangle and throws it out after lowering the car window.

Arjun sees the bangle and confirms that Rajjo is in that car and he accelerates his car. Arjun sees Rajjo sitting in the back seat and glares at Vicky who is sitting in the driving seat.

Back at the Thakur mansion, Madhu learns that Chirag gave him his Raksha mala that was given by Guruma to Chirag for his safety. She asks Chirag where Arjun has gone and if he is in any danger.

Chirag assures her that it’s not the case, he gave it as Arjun shouldn’t go after the haldi ceremony.

Pushkar hears their conversation and he asks Madhu and Chirag about Arjun to get to know information about Vicky. The family hears Pushkar and they also ask Madhu about Arjun.

Back to the car chase, Rajjo finds an empty bottle in the car and breaks it into Vicky’s head.

Arjun then overtakes Vicky’s car and stops his car in the middle of the road, blocking the way for Vicky’s car, while Vicky is forced to stop his car.

Then Rajjo comes out of Vicky's car and Arjun also comes out of his car. Then Rajjo runs towards Arjun, while Vicky aims a gun at them.

Back at the Thakur Mansion, Chirag pretends to receive Arjun’s message that Arjun is on the way. He says that Arjun has gone for some international deal.

The family gets convinced, while Swara asks Chirag why he lied. She says that she was standing next to him and saw that he didn't receive any message on his phone.

Chirag says that he lied to save Madhu from everyone’s questions. So Swara asks where Arjun is, but Chirag refuses to tell her.

On the other side, Vicky says that he will get money because of Rajjo, he doesn’t need Arjun.

Then Vicky points the gun at Arjun, while Rajjo warns Vicky not to harm Arjun.

Arjun asks Rajjo not to risk her life, while Rajjo asks if only he can risk his life for her.

Then Vicky drags Rajjo towards him and asks his friend to put Rajjo in the car and aims the gun at Arjun.

Episode Ends!

In the upcoming episode, we will see that Arjun marries Rajjo.

At the end of the promo, we see Arjun is about to put the nuptial chain around Urvashi’s neck at the Thakur mansion, when an angry Rajjo arrives there and stops the wedding, claiming Arjun to be her husband.

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