Rajjo Written Update 03 October 2022: Rajjo expresses her hidden love for Arjun; Arjun decides to take Rajjo back home


Rajjo 3rd October 2022 Written Update: Rajjo expresses her hidden love for Arjun; Arjun decides to take Rajjo back home


At the start of today's episode, we see an intoxicated Rajjo dancing with Vicky and his friends.

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Vicky abducts Rajjo; Arjun comes to Rajjo's rescue

On the other side, Arjun understood that Vicky forcibly intoxicated Rajjo and he could take advantage of her inebriated condition and becomes worried for her.

Then Chirag asks Arjun to go and help Rajjo, while he assures him that he will handle everything here. Chirag gives the mala he used to wear to Arjun for his safety.

In the temple, Manorama is thanking God that her dream of getting Rajjo married is going to be realized, but she’s feeling unknown anxiety and hopes that she didn’t make any mistake in choosing Rajjo’s life partner.

On the other side, we see Rajjo dancing and then standing on the top of the car. Rajjo stumbles and falls down shouting for her mother when Arjun catches Rajjo in his arms and saves her.

Arjun asks Rajjo if she’s fine, Rajjo replies with a yes and says that she’s just alive.

Arjun finds Vicky, who is dancing with his friends and then Arjun kicks the speaker, which grabs Vicky’s attention.

Arjun gives a stern look at Vicky and takes Rajjo inside the house and then he tries to wake up Rajjo.

Arjun asks Rajjo’s friend, Gudiya, about how Rajjo got intoxicated and where is Manorama.

Gudiya replies that Vicky forcibly intoxicated Rajjo and Manorama has gone to the temple. Then Arjun asks her to get curd for Rajjo and Gudiya obliges.

Then Arjun asks Gudiya to bring back Manorama and Gudiya leaves from there.

Rajjo asks Arjun why he accepted her request and came. She then asks if Arjun is jealous that she’s getting married.

Rajjo says that she feels jealous that Arjun is getting married. Rajjo says that she feels like crying, but is unable to as her mother will scold her.

Arjun asks Rajjo to be quiet and feeds her the curd using his hand as a spoon. She says that she will tell him something and asks him to keep it secret.

Rajjo says that Arjun is handsome and he looks more handsome that day. She holds his sherwani and pulls Arjun close to her and asks him to tell her why he has come.

Meanwhile, Vicky’s friend mocks about Arjun taking Rajjo in his arms inside the house, hearing this Vicky gets angry and screams in anger.

At the Thakurs’ house, Madhu starts to look for Arjun, while Chirag becomes tensed and prays to God for help.

Right at that time Madhu receives a call from a Guruma and goes aside to talk. Chirag feels relieved and thanks, God.

On the other side, Arjun tells Rajjo that she shouldn’t trust anyone blindly. At this Rajjo replies to him that she trusts him blindly.

Rajjo reminds Arjun of all the moments they shared in the Thakur house.

Then Rajjo asks Arjun to marry Urvashi while she will marry Vicky, who is her mother's choice.

Arjun says that he’s not against her mother, but asks to see if Vicky deserves to be her life partner.

Arjun then asks Rajjo to ask herself if she wants to marry Vicky. Rajjo says no and asks Arjun to take her to Lucknow.

Arjun promises Rajjo not to let her wed Vicky and then pulls Rajjo closer to him and says that he is taking her home and no one can stop him.

Just then Vicky comes into the room and stands in front of Arjun and says that he won't allow him to take Rajjo from there.

Episode Ends!

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