Rajjo Written Update 01 October 2022: Urvashi discovers a shocking truth


Rajjo 1st October 2022 Written Update: Urvashi discovers a shocking truth


At the start of today's episode, we see Vicky arguing with Rajjo and defending his friends.

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While Arjun and Chirag hear the conversation and Arjun starts to get worried about Rajjo when the call gets disconnected.

Chirag says he will go and check as Arjun can’t go out after being applied to haldi. He says that he doesn’t know where she lives.

Arjun says that neither Chirag nor he is going as he won’t go behind Rajjo hereafter. He says that he doesn’t know where she lives.

Chirag says that he is worried about Rajjo and he can perform his wedding rituals with a peaceful mind if he is sure that Rajjo is fine.

Arjun says that he is no longer worried about Rajjo as her mother is there to take care of her and now Vicky is also there in her life.

On the other side, Rajjo’s Mehendi function is going on and Manorama says that there is a puja in the temple.

Vicky says that some special guests will come for the sangeet ceremony, so he and Rajjo should be there. Manorama says that she has to perform the puja, not them. Vicky becomes happy to hear this.

Meanwhile, Urvashi spots Rocky and Kalindi romancing and stands shocked. Kalindi notices Urvashi and Urvashi goes to inform Chirag about Kalindi’s affair with Rocky, but Kalindi stops her midway.

On the other side of the story, Vicky’s friends tell Vicky to use Manorama’s absence and sell Rajjo. Vicky says that he has to marry Rajjo and then he can sell both Rajjo and Manorama to get money from Pushkar.

Vicky also says that marrying Rajjo will help him since it will give him the right to take Rajjo where he wants and sell her to whomever he wants.

Back at the Thakur house, Kalindi tries to explain to Urvashi. But Urvashi lashes out at Kalindi for cheating Chirag and is determined, to tell the truth to Arjun and Madhu.

Kalindi stops Urvashi and tells her that Rajjo’s, soon-to-be husband, Vicky, is a criminal who sells women. She says that she hasn’t told Arjun this yet, so he is still there at his pre-wedding.

Urvashi asks Kalindi not to tell this to Arjun. Kalindi asks Urvashi not to inform anyone about her affair, and Urvashi agrees to Kalindi’s deal.

Then we see Arjun recalls the argument he heard between Vicky and Rajjo and wonder if Rajjo is in any danger. Sia brings Arjun out of his thoughts.

Later, at Arjun and Urvashi’s Sangeet ceremony, Urvashi is seen tensed. Urvashi’s mother tells Urvashi that she can handle Arjun after the wedding and asks her to fake a smile at least and Urvashi obliges.

On the other side, Manorama performs a dance to the song Chalka Chalka Re.

Later, Manorama gets ready to go to the temple and she asks Rajjo to enjoy her sangeet ceremony and leaves with Vicky’s grandfather.

Vicky sees this while sitting with his friends in the car. He thinks that one night is left to sell Rajjo.

Episode Ends!

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