Imlie 31st October 2022 Written Update: Cheeni now plans to turn Imlie's first night into a nightmare


Imlie 31st October 2022 Written Update: After loss the cash bag; Cheeni now plans to turn Imlie's first night into a nightmare



In today's episode, Atharv calls his marriage a bad omen, which leaves Imlie sad to hear. Atharv then tries to explain that he was only talking about the customs.

Imlie sees black color on her palm and removes it thinking that maybe because of this the milk must have turned black. Atharv is shocked. Devika says it is good that Imlie rectified her mistake.


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Imlie wins the ring-finding game and finds the ring before Atharv. Everyone cheers Atharva, Atharva starts hating everyone's talk and says that Rudra stops him. Rudra says that Atharva should at least respect the rituals.
Atharv says why he has to chase Imlie every time. Kia tells Akash that Atharv is already upset and will soon take away his property from his plan.

Atharv still plays two rounds of the game with Imlie. Atharv wins in the second round and they both win together in the third round. After the rasam, everyone says that both will run their marriage successfully.

Atharv silences everyone and leaves from there. Shivani tells Devika that she did a big mistake by getting Atharva Imli married.

The Rana family thinks that Atharv is probably excited about their first night. Cheeni comes home excitedly and says that Imlie is finally gone and now she can live freely in her room.

Cheeni talks about removing Imlie items from her room and says that now bitter gourd will also be made in the house which was Imlie's favorite.

Rupi scolds Cheeni for her insensitive behavior and for not being sad at Imlie's departure. In attitude, she says that Imlie is married, and she has not left the world. Rupi tries to slap her but stops.

To fool Rupi, Cheeni starts the emotional drama that now Imlie is not here to silence her, how can she cry like this? With great difficulty, she is holding back her tears so that she does not get hurt.

Cheeni leaves there crying. The women of the Rana family show Imli the house. Imlie gets happy seeing that, Atharv comes there and asks them to leave from there. When Atharv comes close to her, Imli feels ashamed.

Atharv puts his hand on Imlie's shoulder and asks her to go aside. Imlie says she felt something different and starts smiling.

After pretending to cry, Cheeni starts laughing. Anu feels proud of Cheeni and says that she has proved today that she is Malini's daughter. Anu invites Chini to stay at her house.

Anu and Cheeni plan to count the money they got from Rudra, but Cheeni does not find the bag full of cash in the Almirah. Rupi comes and says that she gave the bag to Sundar.

Rupi scolds Cheeni and asks her to be ashamed as Imlie has the right to that money. Rupi tells that the money has been sent to Imlie's house.

Cheeni angrily ruins her room and says that she had a lot and is left with nothing.
Cheeni now plans to turn Imlie's first night into a nightmare as she has no option but to snatch Atharv. Anu tries to stop him.

Imlie is waiting for Atharv. Atharv gets the impression of Sugar who is sitting in his car posing as a bride. Atharv says he cannot face Imlie.

He is about to approach Cheeni but Rudra Devika stops him. Atharv gets angry that he can't even go out without their permission now.

Rudra advises Atharva to give his time to Imlie. Atharv says that he can never understand her situation. Rudra tells Atharva not to ruin Imlie's life.

Atharva gets into an argument with Rudra. Rudra tells Atharva that he will not be able to hear the truth of Cheeni. Atharv looks at Rudra in surprise. So it would be good that he spends time with Imlie.

Meanwhile, Imlie practices how she will start a conversation. She feels nervous and goes to see why Atharv is not coming yet.

As she opens the door and Atharv comes inside. Imlie accidentally falls on Atharv. Both get lost in each other's eyes.


Imlie Upcoming Story :


Atharv meets with an accident and Imlie hears about that over the phone. She gets stunned and rushes towards the door and prays to God for her husband.

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